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A Peaceful Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to all our Members new and old.
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Whether you believe in a higher power or not, this time of year is recognised the world over as a time of peace and reconciliation for all. let us remember our loved ones, those both with us and no longer here, our friends and all the others we come across in our life, whether we like it or not we all leave our mark on each other, we pray that we all leave the right kind of mark on our fellows and continue to do so in the future.


We have welcomed many new friends into the community this year, through steam, and lately, through the Sony PS4, some of these guys have yet to fully integrate with us completely through no fault of their own, but when they are fully here with us, I feel sure we will welcome them as heartily as we have our die-hards, we look forward to cross platforming completely and in our eyes here, it will;l be almost indistinguishable who has come form where. The cross platform divide, will with luck, disappear.


Thank you to everybody in the community, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting us, each and every one of you in your own individual ways, you truly are committed to this project, though you might not always feel you are, you are the guys that keep the staff coming back for more.


The War Thunder Team

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