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Independence Day Live Event
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"Independence Day Live Event"

To celebrate American Independence Day, War Thunder and ORYG1N bring you the Independence Day Live Event! Starting on July 5th, 5:00pm EST (9pm GMT), ORYG1N will be hosting custom battles on his live stream here, where you can win Golden Eagles 


What will we do in the event?

Several themed custom battles will be hosted in ORYG1N's live stream with event specific battles including American Aircraft only based events to celebrate Independence day, such as "The Fireworks show" where you can only use Rocket armed aircraft and "Fortress Furball" where all players fight to the death using only the B-17 Flying Fortress! There will also be "open" custom battles where you can use whatever plane you would like. 


More information can be found on the Official War Thunder Forum.

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