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Official War Thunder website in Polish language!
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War Thunder proudly presents brand-new official website in Polish language!



To celebrate this, we have special artwork contest for all War Thunder players to remember glorious war path of Polish pilots, fighting Axis during the Second World War.



Poland fell the first victim of Nazi aggression on the Eastern front, but the spirit of free people of Poland wasn’t broken. They managed to survive and fight their way to liberty side by side with Allies. More than 150 thousands Polish soldiers entered Berlin in the spring of 1945, shoulder to shoulder with Soviet forces.



Brave Polish pilots were fighting all across the Europe and are especially famous for serving RAF. Several Polish national squadrons helped Great Britain to get rid of Nazi siege and seal the western routes for their retreat.



Send us your videos, artwork and screenshots, dedicated to Polish pilots of WWII. Check the full list of Rules and prizes here.



And don’t forget to visit War Thunder official website in Polish language!

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