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Summer in War Thunder: Day Three
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Join us celebrating first days of July! War Thunder announces Summer Week!

Every day we have special events, contest and amazing prizes!


Day 3 - July 3rdfrom July 3rd 6 am GMT (July 2nd 11 pm PDT) till July 4th 6 am GMT (July 3rd 11 pm PDT)


  • Achievement 1: 5 Missions won (10 000 Lions)
  • Achievement 2: 25 Missions won (25 000 Lions)

Check your daily progress in the Logbook: "Achievements" - "Miscellaneous"

For the Day 3 special discounts will help you to unlock achievements:

  • 50% discount on XP-50
  • +30% XP boost for F4U-1a, F4U-1c, Bf.109G-2/trop, Me.410A-1/U2, Ar-2, Su-2 М-82, A6M3, Spitfire Mk.IX
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