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"Thousand Bomber Raid" live event!
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To commemorate the Thousand Bomber Raids, War Thunder Pilot ORYG1N is hosting a Custom Battles live event tonight 28th of June at 5:00PM EST (9 pm GMT). ORYGIN'S Twitch channel and win Golden Eagles!






What was the "Thousand Bomber Raid"?


On June 28th, 1942, 144 aircraft - 55 Wellingtons, 39 Halifaxes, 26 Stirlings, 24 Lancasters bombed blindly through cloud after obtaining GEE fixes. Bremen records that two of the large firms hit in the recent Thousand raid - the Atlas Werke and the Korff refinery - were damaged again, as well as several smaller firms and dockside warehouses. A hospital and an unrecorded number of houses were also hit. Seven people were killed and eighty injured.


More information about the event can be found on the Official War Thunder Forum.

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