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Fan Contest: David vs Goliath
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One of our players,   DoctorPentakill  and his fellow Squadmates from [DCD]  Squadron are going to run a stream and a contest this Sunday, 23rd of June 10 am PDT (5 pm GMT) on Twitch.tv,  join DoctorPentakill's Channel on Twitch!

They invite you to take part in the contest called  "David vs Goliath"


Rules of the contest


  • Arcade Battle Difficulty
  • 4 [DCD] Clan Members will be flying Sabres through packs of reserve or tier 1 planes
  •  Anyone who shoots down a Sabre will win 250 GE
  •  We will fly through at 1000KM and lower it 100KM each fly through to ensure we die
  • There will be 7 custom game runs, so each time 16 new people will get to fly in the round.
  • You can kill mutiple times per round
  • Anyone killing people on purpose will be removed from the round and won't be able to win any GE
  •  If you accidently get shot down in some crossfire simply respawn in a new reserve or tier 1 plane
  •  A ram does not count as a kill - You can choose any country tier 1 or reserve planes
  • If you choose a plane you should not be playing you will be removed and not able to win any GE


Discuss the news on the Official War Thunder Forum and ask your questions (if any) to DoctorPentakill himself.


Update 1.31 brought new integrated feature in War Thunder: every War Thunder virtual pilot can easily align their Twitch channel to their War Thunder account, as well as customizing the broadcast quality and enabling commentary during broadcasts, so they can live stream instantly at the click of a button!

Learn more about the feature.

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