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Gaijin Announces War Thunder CBT and a Holiday Sale
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Dear members of War Thunder community!

Those who have already become fans of our not-yet released project, and those who are simply eager to fly into virtual skies which we are developing for all of you day and night.

Full of bright ideas and actual accomplishments this year is coming to its end. And now when almost everyone is engaged in preparations for holidays we’d like to summarize work that’s has been done at War Thunder project.

12 weeks of Closed Alpha-test have passed. The period that is hard to underestimate and that has been so successful thanks to our Alpha-testers. Friends, you’ve become an essential part of War Thunder, and please, stay with us all the way in future. Thank you!!

We are currently working at some technical issues to optimize various aspects of the game and make sure it will run perfectly for everyone. This is a complicated and important process but it’s quite predictable. It means that today we can make an announcement: previously announced Closed Beta-test of War Thunder estimated to fit thousands of members will start at Q1 2012. We’ll review Beta-test applications and start sending invitations in January 2012.

And now we present a humble holiday gift for all of our followers – big discounts for Wings of Prey and all it's DLC and Apache Air Assault.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

And spread your wings for War Thunder!!



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