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11 June 2013

War Thunder Update 1.31!


War Thunder presents global update 1.31, which brings numerous changes, fixes and new features for you!

  • Squadrons
  • Integration with Facebook and
  • New planes and maps
  • New hangar and interface
  • Enhaced graphics
  • Enhanced sound effects
  • New tutorials



Check the full list of features in War Thunder 1.31 Change Log!

We have added one premium plane of the Rank 1 for every country.

  • USA  - Thach's F2A-1 Buffalo;
  • Germany - Marcolin's CR.42CN;
  • USSR - Zhukovsky's I-153-M62;
  • Britain - Tuch's Gladiator Mk.II;
  • Japan - Hagiri's A5M4.

You will automatically recieve only one of them after your first battle for the desired nation. Choose your first battle carefully!


Attention! Squadrons are temporally unavailable before adding pre-registered squadrons via applications on official forum. Full squadron options will be available in two days after the update.


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