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War Thunder community presents official forum-zine «The Inside Loop»! Fresh news, articles and interviews — from players for players!



Inside Loop # 4

Table of Contents:
- Inside History - all major and small events in History connected to WT timeframe
- Pinboard - selection of great Forum content, be it threads or pictures, special attention given to community projects
- Flight Academy - all about Air Combat in WT, with articles and videos - highly recommended
- INTERVIEW - "Bobdee" Donachie - the oldest regular player of War Thunder
- Inside Ace & Inside Plane - Linked articles of WW2 aces and their planes, this issue we cover the Hurricane and James Lacey.
- Inside Events - "sponsored" community events and contests


"IL" Editorial: 
Hethwill — Editor-in-Chief
Sliver — Graphics 

Special guests for this Issue:



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