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Battle of Khalkin-Gol
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The Battle of Khalkin-Gol

On 22nd of May 1939 a famous aerial battle between Soviet and Japanese forces took place in the skies above Khalkin-Gol. Khalkin-Gol location is in rotation for Historic Battles and Full Real Battles.


The battle map has been recreated with incredible accuracy: gently sloping landscape with high grounds by the river bank, that hide attack avenues for artillery; continuous tank and AA columns attack along Khalkhin-Gol. BT-7 tanks and ZIS-5 AAs came into position to the North of the confluent. Ground attack aircrafts and bombers have multiple targets to hit.


“Chaikas” and ”Ishaks” need to stick together in larger groups to cover each other against highly maneuverable Japanese fighters. Experience at Khalkin-Gol determined the change in the battle training of pilots – much more attention was payed to fighting in groups.

Join squads and squadrons and you will learn how efficient teamwork may be.



From 6 A.M. May 26th to 6. A.M. May 27th GMT( from 11 P.M. May 25th to 11 P.M. May 26th PDT) War Thunder presents Weekend Special Event: 1.5x experience for LaGG3-35, La-5-Fn, La-7, I-16 type 28, Ki-43, Ki-61.

5x experience for the first victory

15%  discount for purchase of 58000 Silver Lions, 120000 Silver Lions, 630000 Silver Lions, 1300000 Silver Lions.

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