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War Thunder: Discounts Are Gone... Are They?
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For the past 8 days we had up to 40% discounts on planes, pylons, ammo belts and crew training. War Thunder announces the end of the discounts week: this Thursday, April 11th at 20:00 GMT (1pm PDT) the discounts will be revoked... Meet the new standard prices - you’ll like them!


Today we give you new prices based on gathered statistical data and sophisticated analysis of the current game economy. New prices are significantly lower than initial prices of the Update 1.29. Basically, new prices are just 5% higher than they were during the Discounts Week!


Aircraft prices, modules and ammo racks prices, crew training costs - all of them have been revisited. Let’s see an example:





The price of Soviet Tu-2S-44 right after the Update 1.29 release was 1 700 000 Silver Lions. This aircraft had received a 21% discount during the Discounts Week with the price 1 343 000. New price of this modification of Tu-2 will be 1 430 000 Lions.



Learn more about the changes in the economy right in your hangar and discuss the news on the official War Thunder forums!


War Thunder team.

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