Server update 22.02.2019
Pilot injury effect has been removed. A notification about the injury still remains but it will be removed in one of nearest updates.(...)
22 February 2019
Server update 21.02.2019
Ammo mass in the info card has been corrected. Previously values could be rounded up, now values are precise to the nearest hundredth.
21 February 2019
Update 19.02.2019 (
A bug where players would hear the sound of a jet engine when a helicopter was passing over their vehicle has been fixed (source).(...)
19 February 2019
Server update 12.02.2019
Modification for some armour penetration of armour-piercing shells.
12 February 2019
Server Update 11.02.2019
The new calculation of armour penetration in the game for armour-piercing shells has been added.(...)
11 February 2019
Update 09.02.2019 (
A bug which caused pitching up on the aircraft at speeds close to stall whilst using mouse aim has been fixed.
9 February 2019
Update 07.02.2019 (
A bug where when starting a single mission as a squad, a player’s aircraft engines were inoperable and without fuel has been fixed. (...)
7 February 2019
Update 04.02.2019 (
A bug which could lead to the camera view and button/GUI animations of the hangar being accelerated, acceleration in single missions, and micro-freezes in some rare cases, has been fixed.
4 February 2019
Update 01.02.2019 (
A bug when replays recorded after the release of update 1.85 did not work, has been fixed.
1 February 2019
Update 31.01.2019 (
In game hud and camera bug fixes.
31 January 2019


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