Update 26.08.2019 (
A bug where a road wheel could pass through the tracks on some ground vehicles when ground clearance reduced has been fixed.(...)
26 August 2019
Server Update 15.08.2019
For console users in the Workshop, the ability to exchange vehicles with Trophy “Vehicles” III has been added. A bug where the "Benchmark" button in the main menu was not displayed has been fixed.
15 August 2019
Update 13.08.2019 (
Fixed: after bailing (J) out whilst on the airfield, a frag will no longer score to the nearest enemy player.
13 August 2019
Server Update 09.08.2019
Interface: Updated choose research popup for squadron vehicles. Now it shows only unresearched squadron vehicles
9 August 2019
Server Update 08.08.2019
Event vehicles from Operation H.E.A.T. have been credited to content creators and it is possible that you will see them in random battles.; The ability to bind an e-mail to your Xbox account has been added.
8 August 2019
Update 07.08.2019 (
Changes in aircraft battles related to damage and kill credit.
7 August 2019
Update 02.08.2019 (
Respawn points for the fleet in the mission “La Manche” have been changed. “Proximity Sensitivity” affecting joystick fixed.
2 August 2019
Update 25.07.2019 (
A marker which indicates/leads where torpedos will strike/land has been added to the aircraft torpedo sight in aircraft AB.
25 July 2019
Update 18.07.2019 (
A bug, where in naval battles shells with radio fuse were armed in the air near models of destroyed aircraft that are in the water or on the ground, has been fixed. (...)
18 July 2019
Economy changes (16.07.19)
Planned changes are now implemented: Economy changes,Total modification costs in RP.
16 July 2019


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