Server Update (28.11.2019)
Easy Anti-Cheat has been switched on for several game modes.
28 November 2019
Update 27.11.2019 (
Several maps bug fixed.
27 November 2019
Update 20.11.2019 (
M1A2 Abrams — Personal camouflage "Allied Spirit VIII" has been added along with the possibility of purchasing it with Golden Eagles. Scaling, rotation and camouflage condition have been disabled for this camouflage.(...)
20 November 2019
Update 18.11.2019 (
Fixed a graphical issue causing HUD and sights errors. (black artifacts)
18 November 2019
Update 18.11.2019 (
Vehicle, maps and missions correction.
18 November 2019
Update 13.11.2019 (
Missing voice messages in tutorial missions have been fixed. (...)
13 November 2019
Server Update (12.11.2019)
In “Ground Strike” missions, the models of target bases have been changed.; In “Ground Strike” missions, the number of target bases has been increased from 3 to 4.
12 November 2019
Update 7.11.2019 (
Sound adjustments and bug fixes, FM updates for selected aircraft and helicopters.
7 November 2019
Server Update (05.11.2019)
Shells for 20-57 mm automatic cannons: A bug where these shells may not have reached their maximum range has been fixed [...]
5 November 2019
Update 30.10.2019 (
A bug, where the radar detection signal in a helicopter continues to play until the end of the battle has been fixed; A bug where Hellfire missiles didn’t hit the target if they had been launched from cockpit view has been fixed. (...)
30 October 2019


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