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Web Comment Rules

Welcome to the official War Thunder website!

You may discuss the latest news regarding the game, chat with players and the developers. You are likely to meet other players from different countries, with different preferences and points of view. As such, we want the communication to be pleasant and productive, and invite you to remain polite and respectful of other opinions.

To comment in the news, you need to log in on the official War Thunder website and comply with the War Thunder rules of conduct. The War Thunder administration will often participate in the discussion.

The website is moderated and the administration reserves the right to remove any content breaking the rules laid out by the administrators, the Terms of Use or the EULA.

Anti-spam filter, in-game activity

There are some limitations for posting comments. New user may only add comments after he or she plays at least 2 battles. Furthermore there is a rule of in-game activity

  • 3 battles played allow you to post unlimited amount of comments for a week
  • 15 battles played allow you to to post unlimited amount of comments for a month
  • If a player is not active in the game he can’t post comments on the website

Rules of conduct on the official War Thunder website

1.   Spam, off-topic etc.

Comments should be relative to the news’ topic. Excessively communicating the same phrase, similar phrases, or pure gibberish as well as off-topic discussion is forbidden.

2.   Comment format

Comments should be posted in the English language. It is forbidden to use CAPS LOCK for all text posted.

3.   Reporting bugs, breach of the game rules etc.

To report a bug please use a bug-report section on the official forum. Reporting someone else’s behaviour should be done using the “report” function in the game, on the website or forum respectively.

4.   Insults, abusive and/or obscene language

Do Not:

  • Insult any members or staff.
  • Start or participate in flame wars or intentionally derail a topic

Text is not allowed to be:

  • Obscene or abusive language, words, and or consonants with the words and phrases in any written language, including transliteration.
  • Personal or group insults, humiliation of persons of a particular gender, sexual orientation, religion, and other topics that are not compatible with the standard laws of morality and decency.

5.    Communication with Administration

Developers and representatives of the Administration take part in the discussion. Do not:

  • Impersonate any Gaijin staff member in any way.
  • Deliberately challenge moderation or administration or publicly discuss their decisions.
  • Publicly post Private Message content or individual official communications from Gaijin staff that is aimed solely at the recipient without the expressed permission of the sender.
  • Abuse the “report” function

6.   Discrimination and propaganda

Discrimination and the promotion of discrimination at all levels, including national, racial, religious, ethnic or sexual is forbidden, as well as any kind of political or religious discussion and/or propaganda.

7.   Spam and advertising

No advertising of any kind, unless direct permission is granted by the administration, this includes links to other sites or images that represent sites and advertising.

8.   False information and misinformation

Deliberately spreading misleading or false information about any Gaijin Network Ltd. project is forbidden. Publishing any information about the development progress or details without confirmation from the Administration is also forbidden, no matter what sources are used.

9.   Breach of the EULA & ToS

Any discussion, encouragement and promotion to breach the EULA and/or ToS are strictly forbidden, including but not limited to the purchase, sale or exchange of accounts.

10.   Links

It is forbidden to post links that lead to images or any other content that abuses any of the given rules or legislation, this includes the intentional misuse of images or skins used in a non historical placement or sizing to exhibit and/or enhance offensive, lewd or erotic material, obscene language or otherwise abusive content.  

11.   Multiple Accounts, Account Sharing

Apart from in game usage - do not use multiple accounts to interact on any of Gaijin’s websites - if you want to use a new account, ask a Gaijin staff member first. Also, do not share your account with anyone else - every user has to have their own account.

12.  Additional Notes

Administration and moderation may delete or edit published content at their discretion.

The above rules - are not exhaustive and do not describe all possible situations of misconduct, the final decision remains with the Administration.