Controls and complexity

Controls and complexity


How complicated will it be to fly in War Thunder? Is it a sim, or an arcade game, or something in the middle?

It’s a MMO Action game dedicated to World War II military aviation, armored vehicles, and fleets. It can be defined as a ‘simulator’ because it’s simulating flying a plane. But it’s not a WWII era plane trainer. All regular (quick) battles will have settings like Realistic, to make the battles historically accurate. In Sandbox mode, players will be able to tune difficulty and realism levels however they want.  Tournaments can also have special settings that would differ from the Realistic preset.

In regular matches, planes will follow the rules of aerodynamics. So new players may find it necessary to use a virtual instructor to prevent the plane from stalls, spins, and extreme G-loads. This assistance, on the other hand, will set limits to the player’s freedom of flight. The flight model we use is historically accurate as much as possible, so tactical and technical characteristics of all models will match with their real-world counterparts.


Will such specific maneuvers like the Immelman turn be available for certain planes?

Yes, they will be available.


Can the player control flaps and other elements of the plane?

Players will be free to switch on manual control of such elements. By default auto-trimming is on.


What about 3rd person view?

It will be available, yes.


Will some planes have afterburner?

Of course, for some situations this is crucial.


What about control devices? Is a joystick required to play the game?

Avia Sims are not really simple: player have to learn to move in three dimensions and to think about their speed, acceleration, capabilities of the plane, and whatnot. So it’s hard to invent something more appropriate for a flight simulator than a stick. However, a keyboard and a mouse are absolutely enough for the game especially when you switch to the Mouse Aim* mode that makes it possible to control the aircraft with 1 hand. The keys work as usual, and the mouse serves to replace the stick. Flying a fighter will be more dynamic with a stick or a gamepad. For bombing or assaulting a ground target, keyboard + mouse will work fine. Switching to gunners in a bomber and controlling those turrets with your mouse is also a wise choice.


What control device should players choose for War Thunder?

The best possible replacement for a joystick, if you simply don’t have one, is a gamepad. The keyboard and mouse can be rather effective for flying a bomber or an assault fighter. But a device with a stick gives an aerial advantage. 

Gamepads (Xbox 360 for Windows for example) are comparable to some inexpensive joysticks (the kind that also requires a mouse and a keyboard). A gamepad can replace all of these devices, though some keys on the keyboard will have to be used. But still a gamepad is not as accurate as a stick.

For those who have nothing except mouse and keyboard and also has no experience in flight simulators, we've created our Mouse Aim* control system which with assistance of the virtual Instructor makes it easy to fly with a mouse and using the keys very rarely. 


Can a player swap seats from the pilot’s position to the gunner’s position?

We are going to make it possible, but in the beginning only pilot cockpits will be available.


Will detectors and devices show the plane’s actual state when in cockpit view mode?



*Patent pending

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