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USS Brooklyn: More Means More

USS Brooklyn is the lead ship of her class of next generation American light cruisers, built under the restrictions of the London Maritime Treaty in the 1930s. War Thunder captains can look forward to commanding a powerful brand new addition to the American light cruiser roster, coming soon to the game with update 1.87!

Briefly: One of the most heavily armed light cruisers ever built for the U.S. Navy, capable of easily outgunning its opposition with the use of its fifteen 6-inch guns!


In 1930, the London Naval Treaty extended the limitations imposed by the Washington Naval Treaty by further limiting the construction of large warships. Well-aware of the importance of such warships for operations in the Pacific, the U.S. Navy initiated the development of a new light cruiser design that would suit their needs, whilst remaining within the limitations of both treaties. The new design, that would become the Brooklyn-class light cruisers, was a compromise between heavy cruiser size and protection and light cruiser armament. In other words, the ship would remain within the 10,000 ton displacement limit, but would also offer the desired seaworthiness and autonomy at the same time. Initially, the ship was intended to carry only a dozen 6-inch main guns. However, with the appearance of the Japanese Mogami-class cruiser, a decision was hastily made to increase the number of main guns to 15, in order to match the armament of the Mogami-class. With this choice, the Brooklyn-class cruisers would become the most heavily armed light cruisers ever built for the USN. The first orders for four ships were issued in 1933, followed by an additional three in 1934. The lead ship of the class, USS Brooklyn (CL-40), was laid down in March 1935 and commissioned into service in September 1937. USS Brooklyn primarily served in the Mediterranean theater during WW2, participating in the North African campaign and later on in the Italian campaign. The ship mostly served as a support in landing operations and performed coastline bombardments, while also engaging in the occasional naval skirmish. Soon after the end of WW2, USS Brooklyn was decommissioned in 1947 and handed over to the Chilean Navy in 1951 under the new name of O’Higgins (CL-02). The ship would continue to serve on with the Chilean Navy for over 40 years, before being sold for scraps in 1992.





In War Thunder, USS Brooklyn will be a new light cruiser coming to the top rank of the American naval research tree with the release of the upcoming update 1.87. Soon, all captains will have the chance to command one of the most powerful warships available in War Thunder naval battles to date.

Although also a light cruiser, what really makes USS Brooklyn stand out from the already available light cruisers in War Thunder isn’t just the slightly bigger size or more modern looks - it’s firepower instead. While the number of guns for existing cruisers in the game varies between 4 and 10, USS Brooklyn takes it up a notch by having a total of 15 6-inch (152mm) main guns, spread across five triple turrets!

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Apart from the overwhelming number of main guns, Brooklyn also has eight single 5-inch (127mm) dual purpose guns installed on deck and four on each board side, but lacks in any kind of torpedo armament. The 5-inch guns can both help in destroying enemy surface vessels and are also the main means of protecting the cruiser from air attacks, as they can fire shells with a radio fuse. Additionally the ship's weapons are complemented by eight large-caliber machine guns.

Fun fact: Although some were severely damaged during WW2, all Brooklyn-class light cruisers survived the war, with some going on to serve many more decades as part of other navies.

Another reason to think twice before engaging USS Brooklyn, apart from its lethal firepower of course, is its armour protection. With the belt armor going up to a thickness of 127mm and the deck armor up to 51mm, the USS Brooklyn is to some extent protected against all kinds of enemy fire.


The ship’s eight steam turbines separated by a longitudinal partition, which are capable of bringing the ship up to a top speed of 32.5 knots (60 km/h). Due to their tight arrangement, it’s highly likely that a single well-placed salvo can completely knock out the ship’s all the turbines on the one side. Commanders should therefore be cautious, as armour of the ship is not enough to protect them from the fire of other cruisers, as well as many destroyers.

USS Brooklyn is steaming at full speed ahead towards War Thunder naval battles and is expected to arrive at player ports with the release of the upcoming update 1.87. Be on the lookout for more news regarding the next major update coming to War Thunder. Until then, calm seas captains!

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