Italian IGN review of War Thunder

Here is the war as you want it: on your PC or PS4, simulation or arcade, air or land, challenging or relaxing, competitive or cooperative, free or paid. With, in addition, the right to replace the above "or" with many "and" in a "click". Read more

War Thunder PS4 review from The almost complete war

If you like to play tanks together with aircrafts, you should try War Thunder, because the implementation is really successful. Read more

PC Gamer review of War Thunder

When I swoop in behind an enemy fighter, drop the crosshairs just above the cockpit, and watch the bullets slope into the fuselage until it comes apart like a broken kite, I feel transported. I'm an ace, a master of the skies. War Thunder drives me crazy. I'm not sure how I can ever leave. Read more interview with Alexander Trifonov, Head of PR at Gaijin Entertainment

Andrew Stevens from recently spoke with Alex about War Thunder and got a little more insight into the game and its future Read more

Flight sims comparison from

We compared the two most popular flight simulators World War II on the free-to-play market. Both games are judged on their individual merits and we will do our best to focus on the facts. Check the infographics for more details. Read more

PCGamesN review of aerial part of War Thunder

War Thunder is a cool drink of water to the casual fighter pilot that’s been dying of thirst these last fifteen years. Read more

War Thunder: Gound Forces gets 8/10 from

War Thunder is a sprawling WWII simulation that you can lose yourself in due to its wide scope, intense combat, tremendous number of vehicles, casual and challenging difficulty settings, and extensive upgrade paths. Read more checking new tank battles in the closed beta

The vehicles are extremely detailed, the fights well staged. Since the test version has a very modest extent, Gaijin has yet to prove whether they can master the control of the many vehicles and especially the balancing between tanks. Nevertheless the connection between ground and air battles is already making War Thunder unique. Read more

War Thunder review by Eurogamer

Even the representation of the external world is well made: water in the sea missions is very well reproduced, but flying on the mainland you will also appreciate the great detail of the countryside, mountain ranges, islands, towns, ports and airports. Read more

War Thunder: Analysis for PlayStation 4 by IGN

War Thunder has all the ballots to be achieving an impressive title. If Gaijin Entertainment actually delivers on its promise of integrating land, sea and air, War Thunder could be one of those free-to-play in which to invest long hours of play time. Read more

Connected Digital World: It looks gorgeous. It sounds great. War Thunder on PlayStation 4

I like that War Thunder caters for people who want to improve and a lack of modern gadgets and weapons keeps the combat pure. It’s free-to-play so there’s no reason not to give it a try. I’m completely hooked and can’t get enough of it. It might just be the best game you didn’t know you had on your PS4. Read more Achtung, Spitfire! War Thunder on PlayStation 4

If you’re a WWII flight combat fanatic or like me you have a penchant for WWII aviation, then War Thunder will be right up your runway. Let’s just hope Gaijin will round things up with some of the more historically-accurate affairs from the PC version later down the line, because with it, War Thunder would really stand among the best PS4 games available to date. Read more

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