13 October 2015 Update 13.10.2015 (Server Update)

  • Compensation issued for removed/changed engine injection modification (thanks to Jorge_Too for the report).

8 October 2015 Global changes for Matchmaking

Not so long ago, we announced a new intended feature in matchmaking. Now we are announcing an important change in battles at all ranks for ground vehicles and for aircraft!

8 October 2015 Update 08.10.2015 ( )

An error which caused problems while downloading files for a client update has been fixed.

7 October 2015 Update 07.10.2015 (

Client stability has been improved; Fixed sound effect when ground vehicles collide with trees and bushes; Error, which could lead to micro lags at the start of ground battles on PC’s with low performance, has been fixed.

25 September 2015 Update 25.09.2015 (

Client stability has been improved.

23 September 2015 Update 23.09.2015 (Server Update)

Quantitative Matchmaking as described in our Developer's Blog has been enabled; The Battle Ratings have been updated to work with Quantitative Matchmaking; Similar Premium and regular vehicles will now share the same Battle Rating based on their combined performance data...

2 September 2015 Update 02.09.2015 (

Client stability has been improved.

1 September 2015 Update 01.09.2015 (

Windows: A crash that occurred while using the AMD Gaming Evolved Client in some configurations has been fixed; Player induced damage and destruction to allied bases and airfields are now included within the automatic Teamkill penalty system.

25 August 2015 Update 25.08.2015 (

Several stability errors have been fixed.

21 August 2015 Update 21.08.2015 (Server Update)

Reduced the maximum fire rate of the F-34, ZIS-5 and ZIS-3 cannons from 10.8 to 8.7 shots per minute; Reduced the maximum fire rate of the L-11 canon from 9.6 to 8.4 shots per minute.

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