5 February 2016 Update 05.02.2016 (

Client stability has been improved; The “Custom” difficulty setting in custom battles has been fixed; The chance of ricochet has been reduced for all armour-piercing shells provided that the calibre of the shell exceeds the armour thickness by 2 or more times...

3 February 2016 Update 03.02.2016 (

Client stability has been improved; Micro Freezes that infrequently happened in air battles have been fixed.

2 February 2016 Update 02.02.2016 (

This update introduces a variety of new gameplay mechanics including the new thermodynamics system for aircraft, as well as multiple interface changes and other optimizations and improvements.

1 February 2016 Update 01.02.2016 (

Client stability has been improved; Rare bug where the opponent’s vehicle that destroyed the player wasn’t shown in the killcam has been fixed; Rare bug where the representation of the image of the destroyed vehicle in the killcam was missing has been fixed...

28 January 2016 Update 28.01.2016 (Server Update)

Characteristics of the ТТ-250 rockets mounted on the RBT-5 tank have been updated: calibre, stabilizer parameters, thrust output and its deviation; Reloading time for RBT-5 rockets in Arcade Battles has been increased to 70 seconds; Depression angle for RBT-5 has been increased to 9 degrees.

27 January 2016 Update 27.01.2016 (Server Update)

A variety of changes regarding Battle Rating & Economy for Ground and Air Vehicles have been implemented, in addition to a few other corrections.

22 January 2016 Update 22.01.2016 (

Rare bug when starting the 64-bit version of the game has been fixed.

21 January 2016 Update 21.01.2016 (Server Update)

Rocket reload time for RBT-5 reduced from 90 seconds to 45 seconds; Neutral steering added to the following vehicles : A34 Comet, A30 SP Avenger, A30 Challenger; Info about minimal distance to use rockets has been added to the RBT-5 info card.

20 January 2016 Client + Server Update 20.01.2016 (

This is a server update that will be implemented on the game servers within 24 hours. During this time, bug reports regarding specifics mentioned here and their effect in a battle will not be considered as a bug and as such will not be taken into consideration.

17 January 2016 Update 17.01.2016 (

Flickering of shadows in the SLI mode has been fixed; Movement fluidity of a tank turret in replays has been improved; Some optimization of building destruction has been done.

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