25 November 2015 Update 25.11.2015 ( )

Improved the quality of the in-game voice chat; Some client crashes have been fixed.

20 November 2015 Update 20.11.2015 (

Decreased the amount of RAM memory used for locations with destructible buildings; Improved the quality of the in-game voice chat; Linux: fixed game client launch while using older video drivers; Fixed a visual bug which may have shown double barrels on the damage indicator...

19 November 2015 Update 19.11.2015 (Server Update)

Assault bomb fuse time for air Arcade Battles has been decreased to 0.5 seconds; In Arcade combined battles the time when all the players gain one Artillery strike has been increased from 60 to 120 seconds; Maximum available amount of artillery strikes in Arcade battles for medium tanks is now 2.

18 November 2015 Update 18.11.2015 (Server Update)

A bug where a player could spawn more than 3 times per battle in Arcade mode in British tanks has been fixed.​

17 November 2015 Update 17.11.2015 (

Improved synchronization for aircraft in some situations. Fixed a rare bug where shadows were rendered incorrectly in the distance. Client stability has been improved. Improved auto detection for voice activation for voice chat. Friendly artillery strike marker has been added to mini-map.

13 November 2015 Update 13.11.2015 (Server Update)

Field of view for tank optics is extended for “zoom to scope” view mode; A bug where ammo rack had almost 100% chance of fire and thus tank destruction when hit by a solid AP shot has been fixed; A bug when HESH rounds could cause fire and ammo rack explosion has been fixed...

13 November 2015 Update 13.11.2015 (, PS4 1.24)

This update relates to the improvement of War Thunder gameplay with improvements to synchronisation, optimisation, and client stability.

11 November 2015 Update 11.11.2015 (Server Update)

The Silver Lion cost of vehicle repairs and of bonus awards for some vehicles have been changed; The BR of the A43 Black Prince has been changed from 6.0 to 5.7 for all game modes; The BR of the Stug III Ausf G has been reduced by 0.3 for all game modes (in AB from 4.7 to 4.3, in RB/SB from 4.3 to 4.0)...

10 November 2015 Update 11.11.2015 (

Fixed tank models occasionally reappearing at the position they were destroyed; Fixed the client side extrapolation of aircraft position which was visible through sharp aircraft movement or aircraft not receiving damage, as they already were at a different position on the server. 

10 November 2015 Update 10.11.2015 (

Minor optimization (mostly for tanks battles). Fixed rare bug where tank can disappear when it should be visible (graphical bug). Fixed disappearing voice in voice chats (squad\squadrons). Returned back old (from 1.51) bomb explosion type to tank Arcade Battles (was unintentionally the same as in all other modes).

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