Type 3 Chi-Nu II - Crouching Tiger

After experiencing Japanese ground forces with the recent release of the 1.65 update, players will immediately notice this tank as the Chi-Nu’s successor. The Chi-Nu II was Japan’s attempt to mass produce a tank with the capability to withstand the imminent arrival of an Americans through the invasion of the Japanese homeland. 


27 December 2016

La-11: The Last of Its Kind

The La-11 is a long-range escort fighter and the last piston-engined fighter in service with the Soviet air force. Created through a serious modernization of the La-9, the La-11 was the final note in the development of piston-engine fighters in the Soviet Union.


19 December 2016

Ta 154A-1: From a Player, For the Players

War Thunder is getting a new aircraft, created by one of our players as part of our revenue share program. Meet the magnificent German twin-engine Ta 154A-1!


19 December 2016

Type 74: The Height of Technology

The Type 74 is a Japanese main battle tank developed in 1973 to replace the outdated Type 61. Many advanced technical solutions of the time were used in this tank’s design, the most important of which will soon make a nice surprise for all tankers in War Thunder without exception. Meet the flagship Japanese Type 74 tank with active hydropneumatic suspension!


15 December 2016

New Location: 38th Parallel

Make sure your tank is equipped with good cleats – they’re far more important in this area than maximum speed. Welcome to "38th Parallel", a place where the latest achievements of engineering meld with the rural life of East Asia.


14 December 2016

Chi-Ha Short Gun: Naval Caliber

The Chi-Ha Short Gun is a medium fire support tank designed by Japan near the end of the war. Equipped with an uncharacteristically large (for Japanese tanks) 120 mm ship cannon, this ‘shorty’ is sure to amaze you with its ‘naval’ caliber!


12 December 2016

Fair Play F.A.Q and Game Mechanic Changes

We address some of the frequently asked questions regarding fair play, modifications and cheating as well as expand on future changes in update 1.65 that aim to resolve these discussion points. 


10 December 2016

Armoured vehicles of Japan - Initial Research Tree

We are happy to introduce the launch research tree for Japanese armoured vehicles that will be available in the next major update 1.65 “Way of the Samurai”


10 December 2016

ST-A2: One Step Closer to the Goal

The ST-A2 is an experimental medium Japanese tank, one of the first vehicles developed by Japan after the war. War Thunder players are about to have the opportunity to test its mettle in real battle conditions.


9 December 2016

ZiS-43: When You Need a Bigger Bang

In War Thunder, the German and US trees already have SPAAGs on a half-tracked chassis. They combine the positive characteristics of a wheeled truck and a tracked tank chassis. Meet the ZiS-43 – a Soviet anti-air gun mounted on a half-tracked armoured vehicle.


8 December 2016

New Location: Abandoned Factory

A new location for air and ground forces battles in the War Thunder update 1.65, "Abandoned Factory" will be a maze of concrete and metal, and a very interesting fighting location!


8 December 2016

Hydropneumatic suspension in War Thunder

Behind a complex definition hides a very useful combat ability to change the angle of the tank’s hull in all directions or the ability to ‘hunker down’ the vehicle, seriously reducing its height. Of course, only on vehicles that use this type of suspension.


7 December 2016