6 August 2014

Mobile payments available in Europe


Pilots and tankers!

The long awaited mobile phone payment system is now available for a number of European countries! If you reside in the UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland or France - you can use your mobile phone to pay for Golden Eagles and some of the available packs*.  We will increase the number of supported countries in the future.

Special launch offer! Get 500 Golden Eagles bonus for all purchases (using mobile payments) from the following list:

·         War Thunder - 2500 Golden Eagles

·         War Thunder - 5000 Golden Eagles

·         War Thunder - Hunter Starter Pack

·         War Thunder - Attacker Starter Pack

·         War Thunder - Shielded KV-1E Starter Pack

·         War Thunder - IL-2 Avenger Starter Pack

·         War Thunder - Defenders Advanced Pack

·         War Thunder - 'Typhoon' Advanced Pack

·         War Thunder - 'Peshka' Advanced Pack

·         War Thunder - Shielded T-34E - Advanced Pack

The offer is valid for a whole week for payments made with mobile phones via Mopay!

It will last from 6th (12:00 GMT) till 13th August (19:59 GMT)

* Local mobile payment providers limit mobile transactions up to 30 euros, so only packs cheaper than 30 euros are available for purchase via mobile phone.

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