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21 January 2014

Update 22.01.2014 (

The latest update of War Thunder will please players with interface changes, several planes will get their performance adjustments and also a lot of bug fixes have been made.

- Eject from the plane on carriers is fixed (now you can return to your plane without losing the aircraft)

- Fire angles of the turrets that were able to rotate 360 degrees are fixed.

- Many fixes to the Event interface.

- Changed directory name for the game logs – now it is "game_logs"

- Added debug data to the connection status (to ease troubleshooting by screen shots without the logs)

- Fixed video playback in historical campaign of the Steam version.

- Fixed an issue with “Show ammo” and “Show temperature” settings being impossible to save.

- Players that are not yet connected to the battle are now shown in the scoreboard menu.

- “Anarchist” title and achievements based on bombs and rockets are fixed.

- Slight render improvements.

- Fixed a few client crashes.


Completely changed FMs of these planes (according to data sheets):

- All planes of the La series

- MiG-3-15, MiG-3-15 (BK)


- Fixed propeller polar curve that was leading to incorrect behaviour of constant-speed governor

- The “100 octane fuel” modification is now accounted correctly. This way the flight model is now brought to Data Sheet reference (in older versions modification was counted twice).

- Reduced the effect of the elevator heaviness during speed increase (the old value was a wrong one and pilot couldn't blackout during horizontal manoeuvre)

- Maximum safe indicated speed (IAS) is set at 720km/h

Typhoon series:

- Fixed propeller polar curve that was leading to incorrect behaviour of constant-speed governor

Tempest Mk. II:

- Fixed wrong coolant overheat alert message (new parameter in the interface for air-cooled engines)

Tempest Mk. V:

- Fixed propeller polar curve that was leading to incorrect behaviour of constant-speed governor


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