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3 November 2013

Golden battle events are running right now

As our servers have been under an outstandingly strong DDoS attack, the Golden Fights event will continue later  than planned -  From 16:30 to 20:30 GMT November the 3rd, however, they will also be hosted again next weekend (Sunday, November 10 for GMT players). Moreover, we will stage the event twice, so that players from all the time zones can participate in it, all players will receive an additional 100 Golden Eagles for the first victory on the event day.
We will do everything possible (and impossible) to prevent attacks like this from happening in the future, no matter how much effort and resources it will take, we are going to raise our level of protection significantly in the next few days.


- Two instances of Golden Fights the next weekend

- 100 GE for the first victory next sunday

- All the special discounts are being prolonged by 24 hours

- Premium account prolonged for 12 hours

Thank you for your support.
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