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1 May 2013

Special Event: Aerial Workers of War



We’re celebrating days of spring and labor! Join us and work hard to gain the victory!

First five days of this month, May 1st-5th, War Thunder presents special series of events dedicated to the spring and labor. Special bonuses for the whole period of the “Aerial Workers of War”event and special offers for different models of aircraft every day!


Five days, May 1st - 5th: x5 XP bonus for the first victory for all nations!


And special prices for Premium planes every day!



May 1st: 30% discount on I-16 type 28 “Ishak”
May 2nd: 30% discount on Hellcat FM.1
May 3rd: 30% discount on He.112B-1
May 4th: 30% discount on Spitfire Mk.IX
May 5th: 30% discount on Bf.190E-3



Aerial workers of war! Unite and fly the fresh May skies to get your victory!

War Thunder Team

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