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13 April 2013

All Nations in Historic Battles!



War Thunder invites you to participate in Historic Battles - one of three online game modes. Today we have ALL FIVE NATIONS available to play the Historic Battles!  Participate real WWII battles and take your chance to rewrite the history!

"Historic Battles" is one of the gaming modes of the War Thunder. Missions of this mode recreate real battles od the Second World War. Every mission has it's objectives and there is no respawns in this mode, but the reward is significantly higher, than in Arcade Battles.

Here you may feel real flight model of every plane, precisely restored after real historic prototypes. Join now and try it!

Missions for the brave pilots currently available in the Historic Battles:


Sycily: Germany vs Great Britain

Ruhr: Germany vs USA

Korea: USA vs USSR

Midway: USA vs Japan

Korsun: USSR vs Germany

Krymsk: USSR vs Germany  


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