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New Location: Alaska
A주목! 오래된 뉴스 형식. 콘텐츠가 올바르게 표시되지 않을 수 있습니다.

We continue to expand the number of locations represented in War Thunder with every update, and update 1.87 won’t be an exception to that. Today, we’re happy to present to our players a new location for ground battles, set in beautiful Alaska!

Briefly: A new location for ground battles, inspired by the mountain regions of Alaska.

In update 1.87, we’re happy to present a new location for ground battles, set in the stunning mountainous landscape of Alaska. Specifically, players will battle for control over a small Alaskan town and its imminent surroundings, fighting on wide city streets between skyscrapers in one engagement and dense evergreen forests in the other.


The main focus of battles taking place on this location will be centered around the strategic zones situated within the city itself. Depending on the battle type, players may find themselves contesting ground on either the town’s more open outskirts, where lighter vehicles and tank destroyers can especially benefit from better visibility and longer engagement distances, or the city center itself, where the more frantic close-quarters engagements will take place, more suitable for heavy brawlers.

The new Alaska map will become available in ground battles with the release of the upcoming update 1.87. We hope you enjoy it! Until then, stay tuned for more news on the next update coming to War Thunder. We’ll see you in battle!

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