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The War Thunder YouTube Cup
Famous War Thunder bloggers and streamers from all over the world will meet in a large-scale YouTube Cup tournament!
  • 11 7월 2019
Watch the Grand Final of the War Thunder Tournament League!
The Grand Final of the War Thunder Tournament League has started - it is the most significant cyber-sports event of War Thunder! Follow livestreams of the battles, cheer for your favorite team and win prizes!
  • 3 7월 2019
Tournament and League News
A month ago we announced the War Thunder League Finals. Today, the time has come to introduce the tournament ratings that will allow you to participate in these tournaments.
  • 24 5월 2019
The War Thunder YouTube Cup: time-out
We would also like to apologize to both the participants and the viewers. We hope to see you again in a few weeks in the renewed YouTube Cup!
  • 3 5월 2019
War Thunder League First Season Finals
Fellow War Thunder Players, we are now half way through the first season of the War Thunder League - a great time to unveil the season finals and prizes for them!
  • 26 4월 2019
First Season of the War Thunder Tournament League
Fellow War Thunder Players! Today, you can register a team and participate in the League tournaments!
  • 26 3월 2019
Weekend tournaments, March 23rd and 24th
Pilots, tankers and captains! Check out new tournaments this weekend on the TSS portal.
  • 21 3월 2019
Tournament Leagues and Divisions in War Thunder
The War Thunder League system - three divisions of tournaments based on the personal tournament rating of players.
  • 15 3월 2019