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The War Thunder YouTube Cup

Famous War Thunder bloggers and streamers from all over the world will meet in a large-scale YouTube Cup tournament!

From the 12th until the 14th of July, those you follow will demonstrate their skills in the international competition.

Several teams, 5 players in each team + 1 reserve, will battle for a prize pool of 1,000,000 Golden Eagles, top exclusive vehicles in unique camouflages that cannot be obtained in any other way and much more!

Where can you follow the live broadcasts of the tournament?

Follow the battles in the live stream commentated by Shawn and Culusion_IA, cheer on your favourite bloggers and streamers, share the best moments and emotions on social media!

Match and live stream schedules

Day 3

  • 18:00 UTC: Salty5 vs MemePolice
  • 19:00 UTC: GSqd vs Irrelevant


The YouTube Cup will be held from the 12th until the 14th of July



  • An exclusive variation of top ranked vehicles of the winners choice — in a unique camouflage which will be available only for the winner! 
  • a choice of the Е-100 or the IS-7. 
  • Special tournament decals.

Prizes for places

  • 1st place: all special prizes + 100,000 Golden Eagles
  • 2nd place: E-100 or IS-7 to choose from, special decals + 50,000 Golden Eagles
  • 3rd place: special decals + 25,000 Golden Eagles

Rules of the procedure

Bloggers and streamers that have channels on YouTube or Twitch will participate In this tournament.

The YouTube Cup will be held  through an Olympic knockout system for 8 teams with 5 players in each team.Battles between two teams will be fought for up to 2 wins.

Before the battle begins, commanders select the mode by eliminating one of the available options:

  • Ground RB with setup of vehicles from WWII.
  • Ground RB with the setup of modern vehicles.
  • Naval AB.
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