Watch the Grand Final of the War Thunder Tournament League!

The Grand Final of the War Thunder Tournament League has started - it is the most significant cyber-sports event of War Thunder!

Follow livestreams of the battles, cheer for your favorite team and win prizes!


The scheduling for each battle will depend on the scheduling of the tournament, which you can find here:


In today's battle ( the 6th of July) you will see: MDMN vs ENP at 17:45 UTC


Prizes for viewers every day

It's very easy to win! Follow the livestreams on YouTube or Twitch, answer the questions about the tournament and the teams in the stream chat, and have a chance at winning one of the following prizes:

  • 150 GE;
  • 50% RP booster for 10 battles;
  • 50% SL booster for 10 battles.

The prizes will be given out randomly for participants that answered the question correctly. In this regard, the amount of prizes is not limited.

More about the War Thunder Tournament League

12 of the coolest cyber-sports teams are fighting to partake in a huge prize pool!

  • 97,900 GE;
  • Type-62 coupons;
  • Ki-94-II coupons;
  • A-33 Excelsior coupons;
  • T18E2 Boarhound coupons;
  • Unique War Thunder Tournament League camouflage for the T-2 aircraft;
  • Unique War Thunder Tournament League camouflage for the Т-80U tank.

Teams participating in the Grand Final:

Verve, MDMN, GGEZ, Leet, OP, n4sty, AVes_i_Ko, GM1, SQ, ENP, ABLoL, yra011

And on the 6th of July, we will find out who is the best!

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