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Receive unique vehicles for game activity!

From the 11th of July until the 27th of July - a double award bonus for activity by squadron players!

A good reason to join a squadron or become a commander in your own squadron! To do this select Community → Squadrons → Squadrons search and apply to the desired squadron and join it automatically if you approach the requirements. To create your own squadron you need to open the “My Squadron” tab in the same window.

The squadron activity rate helps Commanders of large squadrons evaluate the participation of their members in battles. However the mechanics of activity will be useful for players as well!

We are turning on the possibility of getting unique vehicles for your activity.


B-48 Firecrest


M901 ITV


SKR Pr.35

Vehicles for activity

Completely different vehicles which are available for research to squadron players for their activity will be opened regardless of which ranks or nations you are researching. Once opened, they will be available only for you and will not disappear. 

Such vehicles, even if they have no premium status, will still be a great addition to your battle vehicle setup. 

For squadron activity you can now get following vehicles:

  • M901 ITV — ATGM USA, rank VI.
  • SKR Pr.35 — Sea Hunter USSR, rank III.
  • B-48 Firecrest — fighter/attacker Britain, rank III.

The number of vehicles available to research for activity will be increased in the future.

Research progress of the vehicles for activity points will be given only to players that are members of a squadron.

For players who don’t want to join a squadron, we have added the possibility to purchase squadron vehicles for Golden Eagles. In addition, if a vehicle has been partially researched, the number of Golden Eagles required to purchase it will be reduced in proportion to the number of squadron activity points that have already been invested in it.

How the activity will be calculated

Participate in random battles, and for each 200 RP earned, your squadron will receive 1 activity point. Every 3 days, these activity points will be converted into a unique vehicle you have chosen for research. The award will depend on your own activity compared to the average activity of the squadron’s other members and the total activity earned by all members of the squadron.

  • If you leave the squadron, the research progress will be saved. Research will continue as soon as you join another squadron.
  • You can see the three-day result of any squadron players activity - right-click on the nickname in the squadron members list and selecting "activity".
  • Personal activity within the 3-day period cannot exceed 360 points.
  • Squadron activity within the 3-day period cannot exceed 20,000 points
Questions you may have (click to unfold):

— Where will researchable squadron vehicles be placed in the research tree?

The vehicles will be placed at the right side of the research window, together with the premium vehicles. Unlike the premium vehicles, they will be highlighted in green.

— Will training squadrons be able to receive points for the research of squadron vehicles?

Yes, they will be able to.

— What will happen if I have not chosen the vehicle, but have earned activity?

The activity will be saved and you will be prompted/offered to use it.

— Can I create a squadron only with one member (me) and research the squadron vehicles alone?

Sure, but you have to understand that earning the required amount of points alone will be difficult, and you will need more time to do so.

— How does the total activity of all squadron members affect the research of the squadron vehicles?

The activity points used for researching the squadron vehicles will be calculated on the basis of the total activity earned by all squadron members. For example, if you have 10 players in the squadron and all of them earn 100 activity points, the award will be calculated on the basis of 1,000 points.

— Will these vehicles be available on Xbox?

Due to technical reasons, squadrons and the vehicles for activity are not available for the Xbox platform.


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