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Alien combat vehicles from Green Hills
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We have collected all information available and reviewed all eye-witness accounts describing the combat vehicles involved in the Green Hills alien combat arena.

The alien combat vehicle is a radially symmetrical disc-shaped object with a rotating semi-spherical dome. This vehicle can move through areas of varying density with virtually no change to speed or manoeuvrability – it can fly through the air, hover near the surface of the earth, or move under water. 


The vehicle’s general construction, as well as the exact distribution of its modules, nodes and aggregates, remains unexplained, since no units have been captured for research purposes. As far as anyone can tell, the object’s propulsion system has several vectors, since it can manoeuvre at high speed across all surfaces. We know that the cockpit (occupied by an alien-controlled human pilot in this case) is located in a special combat capsule at the centre of the object, most likely directly underneath the rotating dome. In addition, witnesses have described a “force field” effect that activates when the vehicle flies or hovers near the surface of the earth, this is likely due to the redistribution of energy in the propulsion system. This force field makes the combat vehicle virtually indestructible to all types of weapons other than kinetic rounds.

The principles by which the weapons system of the alien combat vehicle function have been described quite thoroughly. According to descriptions from first-contact survivors, the vehicle has three primary means of attack. The first weapon emits an energy beam of a thermal nature that, when focused on any part of an enemy target, destroys or melts it. This effect requires that the beam remains concentrated on the target for a specific length of time. The second is a kinetic weapon that fires hypersonic projectiles. Known as a “rail gun” in analytical materials, it has a low rate of fire and a high degree of striking effectiveness.  For underwater engagements, the vehicle is equipped with special high-speed guided torpedoes that probably function according to the “fire-and-forget” principle of modern weaponry. A characteristic feature that has been remarked upon in the accounts of a number of first-contact survivors is the fact that these torpedoes can be destroyed with rail guns. However, rail gun projectiles are significantly less effective under water. 

This journalistic dossier will be updated with new information as the investigation into the Green Hills Incident continues. We will try to provide more up-to-date and relevant information about what is happening in the closed alien testing ground. The people have a right to know the truth.

Jeanine Salla

special correspondent

West Hills Herald

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