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Contacto 1 a 1 con un manager de Gaijin Entertainment
Contacto 1 a 1 con un manager de Gaijin Entertainment
Moneda del juego para progresar más rápido
Moneda del juego para progresar más rápido
Acceso a vehículos (permanente y temporal)
Acceso a vehículos (permanente y temporal)
Acceso anticipado a contenidos y noticias
Acceso anticipado a contenidos y noticias
Publicaciones en páginas oficiales y redes sociales
Publicaciones en páginas oficiales y redes sociales
Calcomanías y decoraciones únicas
Calcomanías y decoraciones únicas

Todos los creadores de contenido aceptados en el programa recibirán automáticamente un paquete de juego de una vez por cuenta que contiene 10,000 GE, 30 días de cuenta premium y una calcomanía única.

Todos los beneficios y bonificaciones se agregan solo a las cuentas personales de War Thunder. Las 'Cuentas de Prensa' especiales no se proporcionan en el contexto del programa de Asociación de contenido de War Thunder. La elegibilidad real para los beneficios y bonificaciones y su extensión depende de la cantidad, el alcance y el compromiso del contenido de War Thunder en su canal y está sujeto a acuerdos individuales.


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Publication licence for Youtuber

Gaijin Network Ltd., hereinafter referred to as “Gaijin”, hereby grants You a non-exclusive worldwide license to use the graphical, audiovisual and any other content of the game “WAR THUNDER” subject to the restrictions set forth in this license for the purpose of (i) production of independent information materials about the game “WAR THUNDER” in any language in the form of video review, gameplay streaming, text reviews and notes, hereinafter referred to as “Materials”, and (ii) distribution of the Materials on the Internet through online streaming or publication on Internet sites. The Materials produced and distributed in accordance with this license may be used within unlimited period of time.

It is strictly prohibited under this license to:

  1. assert or give the impression that the Materials are produced or approved by Gaijin or its employees as well as that Gaijin or its employees otherwise bear on the Materials (except for assertion that the Materials are created under this license);
  2. disseminate false and untrue information as part of the Materials as well as other information contrary to applicable law;
  3. publicly disseminate information about the types and methods of violations of these Terms of Use and End User License Agreement, as well as publicly call for violation of these Terms of Use and End User License Agreement.
  4. violate End User License Agreement for the game “WAR THUNDER” (, hereinafter referred to as “EULA”.

It is hereby also prohibited to use any designations related to the game “WAR THUNDER” (including, but not limited to the game title and logo) in order to individualize any products other than the game “WAR THUNDER”, with a view to profit or not, without prior consent of Gaijin, as well as to register such designations (identical or confusingly similar) as trademarks and/or domain names (including sub-domains) in any country of the world. The using of the «WAR THUNDER» logo in the Materials, subject to the other requirements of this license, is permitted if, along with it (in one information Material), there are no names and logos of games from other manufacturers and / or publishers used for commercial purposes (in other words, the license does not allow the sponsorship, promotion (including explicit and hidden advertising, etc.) of the computer games that are not Gaijin products in the Information Material created under this license).

To avoid any doubt, the development of software, including applications for mobile devices, with the use of materials of the game “WAR THUNDER” is prohibited.

Subject to the restrictions set forth in this license, You may use the Materials for the purpose of monetization of Your website or Your page on the third party website (YouTube channel, social network community, etc.) by placing third party advertising. 

This license is the integral part of the EULA. Any other matters not covered by this license shall be governed by the EULA. In case of conflict between the EULA and this license, the latter shall prevail.

On any issues related to the text of this license, please email us at [email protected] or Gaijin Support site. For any cooperation proposals please email at [email protected]

Dear YouTube bloggers, in case you are unclear on any situation regarding videos about Gaijin products, please contact the Marketing Department of the company via [email protected] Our team will answer your questions and help you to solve any problems as quickly as possible.

Effective date: February 21, 2019


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