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Another round of questions and answers, with War Thunder producer Vyacheslav Bulannikov!

Armored Vehicles

Q. Do you plan to add any upgrade packages (modifications) for the M1A1 and Challenger 2 such as the M1A1 HA or the Challenger 2 “Theatre entry standard” kits or maybe even the “MEGATRON” modification? Perhaps as separate machines entirely?

A.    We are not excluding additional modifications for British and American tanks, including protection modules, however later versions of the Challenger 2 such as Megatron, if they are added, will most likely be introduced as separate vehicles.

Q. Is there a SAM Anti-Air planned for Italy and Japan?

A.    Yes, we have plans for Italian and Japanese air defense systems.

Q. You have already implemented the mechanics of changing vehicle construction (raising armour shields). Do you plan to develop it further for example by connecting Ka-Mi floating rafts?

A.    May be. But not in any nearest plans.


Q. The T-2 is a very powerful aircraft  in game right now and every other nation can't really match it. Do you have plans for better counterparts? Like the British/French Jaguar which is a very similar aircraft?

A.    We plan to introduce contemporaries and more modern aircraft for other nations in the game.

Q. Do you have further plans for any more Hawker Hunter variants?

A. We do not have any more current plans regarding this aircraft.

Q. Do you still have plans to continue updating older aircraft models like you have previously done with the Ju 87, He 111, F4U, Hurricane and Spitfire series as some examples?

A.    We have no immediate plans in the very near future, but we periodically update models and don't exclude the possibility of any further models being updated.

Q. Why is there a laser designator on the MI35/24B and FJ4B? ATGMs fly pretty correctly without it.

A.    The presence of laser designators on these vehicles is an error and it will be fixed in an upcoming future update.


Q. How do you plan to develop helicopter Enduring Confrontation or is the current implementation final?

A.   We always try to develop game modes, so helicopter Enduring Confrontation is not an exception, but it is too early to speak about such changes, so just follow the news.

Q. Do you still plan to add full helicopter lines for Italy and Japan? Or just premiums?

A.    We plan to add separate helicopter branches for each nation in the game.

Q. Can you tell us anything about British Helicopters?

A.    As previously stated, we have plans for more helicopters, including British examples. We will talk about them more specifically in future dev blogs, so be sure to follow the news.


Q. Do you plan to adjust the RP cost requirements for Rank I-II vessels? Some have very high requirements that go as high as 220,000-270,000 RP which is more than some destroyers and cruisers!

A.    It is the feature of the naval research model. The efficient vehicles, even ones of rank II-III, i.e. the one located on the right side of the research tree requires a large amount of RP to research it. Treat this as the top of its own class of ships.

Q. Can you tell us anything about new game modes, objectives or events for Naval Battles? Perhaps the return of the Convoy mode?

A. We are developing a couple of new modes for naval gameplay. As soon as they are ready to be released at the right quality level we will talk about these modes or implement them in form of test events on the production server.

Q. How do you rate the number of aircraft in naval battles? In some cases players prefer heavier fleet, for example destroyers, and get to the point of battle when there is already a lot of enemy aircraft in the sky. In such conditions, the life of the ship is pretty short. Is this the way it should be or is it worth paying attention to the situation?

A.  We are constantly analyzing statistics including statistics from naval battles. Aircraft efficiency is at the moment at an acceptable level.

Q. Should we wait for “monitor” class of ships (eg USS Monitor) this year or basically wait for them in the game?

A.   Basically, you can wait for it :)

Q. The Japanese cruisers (especially the top ones) are not credible. What kind of new vehicles can we expect? Is it possible we may see a cruiser like the "Mogami" and its variants in light and heavy execution?

A.   At the time of the question, the efficiency of heavy cruisers with 8-inch artillery is slightly lower than we expected, including due to some specificity of the ship’s Damage Model and some issues (specifically fuses of armor-piercing shells and internal structure of ships in the game). Now these changes have already been released on the main server and we analyze the statistics and general gameplay changes. However, we are also working on better Japanese ships and more powerful ones.


Q. USSR, USA, Britain and Germany have possible setups with 3 vehicles at each rank for the same Battle Rating. At the same time, France, Italy and Japan (only in ground vehicles) have big gaps in the middle of the research trees or just one vehicle or even no vehicles at the particular BR. Will attention be paid to this problem?

A. Historically, gaps were present in reality which is reflected in the game, but we always strive to fill these gaps practically.

Q. In combined SB it isn’t possible to see German trophy vehicles like Yak-1. LA-5FN etc. Will you take a look at this concern?

A. We try to add as few as possible trophy vehicles to the game modes without markers because this leads to accidental team kills.

Q. Sweden had a lot of interesting vehicles, especially ground vehicles. Should we wait for this nation to be added to the game?

A. We see Sweden as one of the candidates to be added as a new game nation.

The War Thunder Team

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