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The Japanese “Cobra” available for purchase!
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The choice of attack helicopter for the Japan Self-Defence Forces was made after test flights of two AH-1 helicopters, which took place in Japan between 1977-1978 which led to the conclusion of an agreement for the licensed production of the helicopters by japanese companies. The vehicle represented the closest option to an american AH-1F helicopter the JSDF could get. The AH-1S is a modified version, equipped with perspective navigational and electronic equipment, also, systems that decrease infrared radiation from the engine. The primary armament consists of a 20 mm 3-barrel General Electric M197 rotary cannon. Players will also be able to install rockets or ATGMs on hard pointed mountings: 7-tube M157/M158 launchers, 19-tube M200 launchers for close range targets, or 8 TOW ATGMs to destroy armored vehicles from distance.

AH-1S Cobra Pack
 AH-1S Cobra Pack
The Kit Includes:
  • AH-1S Cobra (Rank 5 Japan);
  • 2000 Golden Eagles;
  • Unique "4ATH Kisarazu emblem";
  • Unique "Orochi" title;
  • Premium account for 15 days.
"Type 74 mod G/Kai and AH-1S Cobra" Bundle
The Kit Includes:


  • Type 74 mod G/Kai Pack;
  • AH-1S Cobra Pack;
  • Unique "4ATH Kisarazu emblem";
  • Unique "Orochi" title.

Note! By purchasing this pack and the bundle untill 12.06 12 p.m. UTC you will receive a unique decal and a title as a bonus.

  • 4ATH Kisarazu emblem
  • Unique "Orochi" title.

By purchasing this pack, in addition to regular bicolor camo, you will get the Kisarazu Sisters camouflage which has become popular from the AH-1S helicopter of Ground Self-defense forces and a limited pilot model of Kisarazu Wakana (木更津 若菜) . Kisarazu Sisters started from the original character draft created by a personnel of the 4th Anti-Tank Helicopter Unit of the Ground Self-Defense Forces Kisarazu Camp, located in Kisarazu, Chiba Prefecture in Japan. These special illustrations were brought to life by a professional illustrator Takashi Fujisawa, in order to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 4th Anti-Tank Helicopter Unit. Camouflage licensing assistance was provided by our Japanese partner DMM GAMES.

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4th Anti-Tank Helicopter Unit of the Ground Self-Defense Forces Kisarazu Camp
Emblem of the 4th Anti-Tank Helicopter Unit of the Ground Self-Defense Forces Kisarazu Camp, Japan



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