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First Season of the War Thunder Tournament League


Fellow War Thunder Players! Not very long ago, we published a devblog about the Tournament League system - today, you can register a team and participate in the League tournaments!

The first Season of the League begins on the 26th of March, 2019 and will run for 12 weeks. During this time you can take part in tournaments and improve your ratings in order to qualify for the Grand Finals that will be announced at the Season’s end.

The War Thunder Tournament League has three divisions. In order to participate in a certain division, a player needs to have a required rating. You can see the rating requirements by divisions and tournament types on the following image:

Go to the War Thunder tournament portal, login under your account, pick a tournament based on your preference and rating, register a team and become a member of the War Thunder Tournament League!

Join now!

Have fun and good luck in your tournament battles!

The War Thunder Team


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