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Tank football: friendly matches

He shoots, he scores! The much loved “Tank football” is back this Friday.

From March 22nd 15:00 GMT to March 25th 07:00 GMT

Take your place in specifically designed vehicle and choose friendly match format in “Events and tournaments” tab:

  • 3 vs 3 - solo players only
  • 4 vs 4 - solo players and squads 

Tank sport model variants have been especially designed for Tank football. From what could previously be considered an armoured monster, we now have a real sporting machine: a lightweight body construction comprising of special alloys, a tuned racing chassis, and of course, a turbocharged engine. These vehicles are capable of powerful boosts thanks to their special muzzle brake compensator construction!

Terms and conditions

  • The match has 2 regular 5 minutes halves each. In the case of a draw, players will get 2 additional periods of 1.5 minutes each. Only game time is taken into account (as in five a side or mini football). If the results after the two additional periods is still a draw - the victory will not be awarded to any team.
  • For an early victory in the match in the “3 vs 3” mode you need to have an advantage of 3 balls.
  • For an early victory in the match in the “4 vs 4” mode you need to have an advantage of 5 balls.
  • Matches will be formed according to the “ELO” system which takes into account your efficiency.

The War Thunder Team


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