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User Tournaments and War Thunder eSports Partnership Program
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Fellow War Thunder Players!

We present you the War Thunder eSports Program - the easy and convenient way for organizing, creating and running user tournaments by players, squadrons and eSport organizations in War Thunder.

This new function of the tss.warthunder.com portal will soon be available to all players of War Thunder!

Additional conditions that need to be met in order to join the Partnership Program will be published soon.

Features of the automated user tournaments

We provide the access to all the features available on the tss.warthunder.com portal. A wide range of settings, different formats and ways that players can take part in your tournament will make it unique and interesting.

  • Choice of the tournament mode -  Arcade, Realistic or Simulator Battles;
  • Number of players in a team (including reserve players);
  • Setting the number of respawns in matches;
  • Selecting the format of the tournament bracket. Choose single elimination or double elimination. You can add a group stage or use the Swiss bracket system;
  • Create a convenient schedule for your tournament matches;
  • Pick your favorite tournament missions;
  • Create a tournament vehicles line-up (including special limitations by vehicle types);
  • Add prizes for the tournament winners;
  • An option to choose a region or a country where the tournament will be available for registration;
  • Squadron tournaments your own squadron only or for invited players only by using the tournament registration access keys.

The user tournament organizers will receive full technical support while working with the tournament system, including the templates of Rules in English and Russian languages. It will be possible to customize your tournament with your own tournament icon, by adding links to your website, social network group, TeamSpeak or Discord server in the tournament description.

Tournament streamers get access to the “arbiter” mode and special infographics with actual score of the each battle in the tournament. We can’t wait to see action packed live streams of tournament battles on your channels.

Conditions for joining the Partnership Program

The organizers of the user tournament pay for the full prize fund of the competition, which contains approved and listed products from the War Thunder Store or some items from the War Thunder Market. When the tournament is finished, the prizes are automatically issued to the winners.

Detailed conditions for joining the Partnership Program will be published soon.

Today, you can register and participate in the first user tournament:

The «Duelist Day» 1 vs 1 Air Tournament in Simulator Battles mode


  • 1st place - 2500 Golden Eagles, a coupon for the soviet LaGG-3-34 premium aircraft, 30 days of Premium account, the “Master Duelist 1v1” Title
  • 2nd place - 1000 Golden Eagles, a coupon for the Yuriy Shitov camouflage for the LaGG-3-66 aircraft, 15 days of Premium account
  • 3rd place - 750 Golden Eagles, 5 days of Premium account
  • 4th place - two 50% Research Points boosters
  • 5th place - two 50% Silver Lions boosters

Register here

See you on the battlefields of War Thunder Tournaments!



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