20 April 2015 [In Development] Location Normandy

The Normandy landings in the summer of 1944 were also called “the opening of a second front in Europe”. American, British and Canadian troops attacked fortifications on the shores of fascist-occupied France. We present an in-game location based on this large-scale historical event.

20 April 2015 [In Development] M3 75 mm GMC and Ki-21-1ko

In the upcoming "Weapons of Victory" update, will be able to get a variety of new vehicles. Fans of japanese aviation can try out the Ki-21-1ko first rank bomber. We have also prepared a half-track self-propelled artillery vehicle which will be located on the first rank in the US branch - The Diamond T (Autocar) M3 75 mm GMC.

18 April 2015 Preliminary list of new vehicles for Update 1.49

War Thunder Update 1.49 'Weapons of Victory' is not too far away - and it will include a variety of new combat vehicles that you will be able to play. On this occasion, we want to present to you the preliminary list of vehicles currently planned for introduction in Update 1.49. Of course, we will also continue to brief you about each vehicle individually - so keep an eye on our Developer's Blog!

18 April 2015 [In Development] Skyraider AD-2 and StuH 42 Ausf. G, 1943

For all our players who like attack aircraft there will be a pleasant surprise, the legendary Skyraider AD-2 will be introduced into our game. It will be added to the US tech tree in the "Weapons of Victory" update. In addition, we will be discussing the Sturmhaubitze 42 Ausf.G, 1943.

20 April 2015 [In Development] New decals in 1.49

With Update 1.49 we will introduce a great variety of new historical decals to War Thunder, which will allow you to decorate your vehicles with a piece of World War II or Korean War history. Good luck on the battlefield!

17 April 2015 [In Development] M18 and M18 'Black Cat'

We have already described the M18 “Black Cat” which will be added to the American Ground Forces tree and we would like to introduce the production M18. This is a Rank III SPG with a 76mm long-barreled gun which will allow those who enjoy this type of vehicle to have some fun.

17 April 2015 [In Development] Location 'Hürtgen Forest'

The longest conflict the US army ever participated in entered the annals of history as the Battle of Hürtgen Forest. The operation that lasted for several months was intended to tie up the German forces to stop any reinforcement to the North and also to capture the frontlines from the flanks.

3 April 2015 Dev Q&A compilation

Regularly, some of our development team interact with our community on the Official Forums. The players are invited to ask the team questions in regard to future development.

1 April 2015 [In Development] A new type of ground vehicle in War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment is pleased to announce that we are developing a new type of armoured vehicle to our military-historical online game War Thunder: The experimental model of the Soviet ST-1 tank.

5 March 2015 [In Development] New Tank Location: "Reichstag"

Players have already fought over Berlin and brought down hundreds of thousands of aircraft in this location and now, intense ground battles will erupt in the centre of the city - at the Reichstag.

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