4 August 2015 Dev Q&A compilation

Regularly, some of our development team interact with our community on the Official Forums. The players are invited to ask the team questions in regard to future development.

28 July 2015 [Development] Stow the boiling vessel - Target front!

We would like to proudly present to you a project that the development team has been working on diligently for a long time - British ground vehicles!

15 July 2015 [Development] New Squadron Format

With one of the upcoming updates we will be introducing a new type of Squadron in to War Thunder: “Drill Squadrons”.

29 June 2015 [Development] T-10M

In today's Devblog we would like to familiarize you with brand new, top rank heavy vehicle from the Soviet tech tree: Heavy Tank T-10M

29 June 2015 [Development] Ki-44-1 and SU-100Y

In this Devblog we will present to you an agile Japanese fighter aircraft - Ki-44-1 and slow but powerful Soviet tank destroyer SU-100Y

27 June 2015 [Development] New decals in 1.51

With Update 1.51 we will introduce a great variety of new historical decals to War Thunder, which will allow you to decorate your vehicles with a piece of World War II or Korean War history. Good luck on the battlefield!

26 June 2015 [Development] Hurricane Mk. IV and Mk. IIB

In this Devblog, we'll present to you two new models of the famous Hawker Hurricane, the British Hurricane Mk. IV with 40 mm Vickers cannons and the Soviet-modified Hurricane Mk.IIB!

26 June 2015 [Development] Pz-35t & T-26-4

In this devblog post, we would like to show you two new vehicles from Rank I : Soviet T-26-4 and German Pz-35t.

25 June 2015 [Development] M60

The American M60 main battle tank will be a new addition to the American armour tree at rank 5. It has a relatively powerful weapon – a 105 mm rifled cannon with a capacity of 57 shots.

25 June 2015 [Development] SB2C-1c Helldiver and J2M5

In this devblog post, we would like to show you two new aircraft - American SB2C-1c and Japanese J2M5.

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