2 October 2015 Dagor Engine 4.0

New Physically Based Rendering, advanced structure destruction systems and impressively realistic water effects - soon in War Thunder!

30 September 2015 [Development] Jagdpanzer 4-5

With small dimensions, a high level of mobility, and a 90mm cannon that uses post-war ammunition, the Jagdpanzer 4-5 is a devastating force to those that are able to protect its weak armour from enemy fire.

29 September 2015 [Development] Location - Stalingrad Factory

The Stalingrad map is very familiar to our pilots. Now tankers too will be able to do battle on the winter version of this map in an upcoming update!

25 September 2015 [Development] Douglas TBD-1 Devastator

Today, we would like to show you a preview of the TBD-1 Devastator, which will be sure to excite those interested in US naval aircraft.

23 September 2015 [Development] Pioneering British Tanks in War Thunder

Today we’re going to unveil our first armoured vehicles of the British tech line which are going to appear in one of our incoming updates.

18 September 2015 [Development] SB2C-4

Today, fans of American aviation will get to know most produced version of carrier-borne SB2C dive bomber - SB2C4.

16 September 2015 PT-76 - with developer's answers

Today we are introducing a legendary amphibious soviet tank - the PT-76!

12 September 2015 Q&A with developers

Dear Players! We present to you a set of Questions & Answers gathered from the War Thunder community on the social media network and forums.

11 September 2015 Do 17 Z-2 & Z-7 - with developer's answers

Today, fans of German aviation will get to know two other models of the classic Luftwaffe twin-engined bomber Dornier 17, the improved Do 17 Z-2 and night fighter version Do 17 Z-7.

9 September 2015 М26 Pershing with Т99 rocket launcher - with developer's answers

Today we are introducing a medium US tank - the M26 Pershing with T99 rocket launcher system - a premium vehicle, which will take its place at the 4th rank.

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