5 May 2016 Oculus Rift in War Thunder

One of the major focuses since the very beginning of War Thunder has been player immersion. Detailed aircraft, cockpits with instrumentation as well as stunning visuals. All of this now comes even more to live, thanks to recent developments in Virtual Reality technology.

29 April 2016 Vehicle Collision Physics in game - An explanation

Vehicles collision in the game environment is a common topic among players, Anton (Gaijin CEO and War Thunder Lead Developer) took some time out to try and explain exactly how our game interprets real world physics virtually.

28 April 2016 World War, Battle Ratings & more, Pt. II

In the previous devblog, we talked about battle ratings. We now have an announcement - a new mode, which is eagerly awaited by many of our players.

27 April 2016 World War, Battle Ratings & more, Pt. I

An introduction to some exciting news in our development, today we would like to summarise the existing mechanics in War Thunder.

27 April 2016 New additions to the KV-2 series

We are pleased to present a additional three new tanks for the KV-2 series, coming to your War Thunder ground vehicle hangar in upcoming updates.

28 March 2016 New customization options for ground vehicles

We would like to introduce new customization options for the ground vehicles in War Thunder - decorations and mounted protection!

28 March 2016 New photorealistic technology for sky and cloud rendering in Dagor Engine 4

Today we would like to show you what is probably the best rendition of the sky that has ever been recreated in video games and that will be implemented soon in War Thunder.

23 March 2016 New Squadron Features

We're continuing to improve the functionality of in-game communities – War Thunder's squadrons. This new batch of updates will make it easier to choose a squadron based on parameters and provides squadron members with new tools for implementing squadron policy.

14 March 2016 94-KM SPAAG

A long-awaited addition to the Soviet self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon line has arrived – twin 25 mm cannons on a ZiS-12 truck base.

14 March 2016 MBR-2: The White Boat

The Soviet flying boat from the beginning of the 1930s, the MBR-2, is another new addition in War Thunder update 1.57. The romance of pre-war aviation!

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