12 February 2016 Falcon AA: Britain’s foremost anti-air gun

British forces finally have a worthy successor in their line of self-propelled anti-air cannons for high-ranking battles. Meet the British ‘Falcon’ in War Thunder version 1.57.

10 February 2016 Т-44-100: Maneuver and fire!

The favourite of thousands of players, the T-44 medium tank, now has a model with a 100mm D-10T cannon.

8 February 2016 A Rare Bird - Do 335

Meet the Do 335 "Pfeil" - an aircraft of unusual design with tandem-mounted engines, a true air monster!

27 January 2016 Last Man Standing

In the future, having less than two concious crewmen in your ground vehicle doesn't necessarly mean that you are defeated. With this change, one man is enough to make a last stand.

26 January 2016 New Thermodynamics

We have completed our work on the basic physics that relate to the thermodynamics of aircraft engines. For those who prefer Realistic and Simulator modes, information about the new thermodynamics will be extremely useful. So what’s new?

24 December 2015 Battle tasks

In update 1.55 “Royal Armour” we introduced new game mechanics - Battle tasks, these individual tasks bring variety into the gameplay and prevent situations when all the players in a battle try to complete one certain tasks ignoring mission objectives needed for a victory.

14 December 2015 Location "Tunisia"

The second map that we plan to release very soon, along with El Alamein, Tunisia will allow our players to experience the new British vehicles in some of the locations they were best known for as Monty’s troops fought ferociously against Rommel’s finest. Some of the most iconic moments took place in the locations we are featuring. We hope you enjoy them.

14 December 2015 Location “Second battle of El Alamein”

Prepare to get sand between your toes, North Africa makes its much anticipated appearance in War Thunder, we hope you enjoy battling it out in the new maps as much as we did in designing them for you - and don’t forget, keep your hat on, only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun!

12 December 2015 [Development] MiG 17

The players have been asking us when the Mig-17 will be added to the game for several years. Now we can finally reveal this aircraft and tell you for sure that this plane will take its place as the top jet fighter of the USSR after the Mig-15bis.

11 December 2015 The British ground vehicle tree

You won't have long to wait now! British Ground vehicles will be appearing very soon to the sound of a kettle boiling, make the tea boys and girls.

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