25 April 2015 [In Development] M2A2 / 4M GAZ-AAA / BF109B-1

We continue to present you the new vehicles of "Weapons of Victory." Today we'll show you a reserve light tank M2A2, the first anti-air vehicle for our soviet lineup 4m GAZ-AAA and a Bf.109B-1, which undoubtedly will be liked by fans of the German Air Force.

25 April 2015 [In Development] РСЗО T34 Sherman Calliope

In the “Weapons of Victory” major update, we will be introducing a unique new vehicle - a multiple artillery rocket system! We have been working on these types of machines for quite a while and the first one will be the premium Callioppe Sherman which will join the second rank of U.S. ground forces tree.

24 April 2015 [In Development] Seafire Mk.XVII & Hawker Sea Hurricane

In the upcoming "Weapons of Victory" update we are preparing a huge surprise for all fans of British aviation. The research tree will be be updated with many variants of carrier-based fighters. We will show you some of them.

24 April 2015 [In Development] Attacker FB.1 and M10 & M36 Slugger

Today we will introduce some of the new vehicles which will arrive in game with the "Weapons of Victory" update - The British FB.1 Attacker, the M10 self-propelled gun, the Wolverine & M36 Slugger

23 April 2015 [In Development] Planned Aircraft Structural Improvements

We continue to work on improvements to the aircraft damage model in War Thunder. One of the major improvements for it will be in the transition for the calculation of structural strength of the aircraft from the simplified system to a more detailed one.

23 April 2015 [In Development] Seafire FR.47 & Sea Fury FB 11

Today we will introduce to you two new vehicles, perhaps the most interesting aircraft that we are adding to the british tree in the upcoming "Weapons of Victory" update.

22 April 2015 [In Development] Location 'Berlin'

We recently described our new ground vehicle location, the Reichstag. Today, now that the work of our artists, programmers and game designers on this location is coming to a close, we're going to make a quick journey into the very centre of the battle for the last bastion of Nazi Germany — the Reichstag.

22 April 2015 [In Development] IL-2 Series

In today's blog we are going to tell you about the new vehicles, as well as changes in the ranking of the IL-2, which you'll see in the upcoming update.

21 April 2015 [In Development] T28 and T95

We would like to bring to your attention the heavy assault tanks, which will be included in the US tech tree - The T95 and the premium T28. Armed with a 105-mm T5E1 cannon with 63 shells available - these vehicles will undoubtedly be a formidable weapon in the hands of our more skilled players.

21 April 2015 [In Development] Ar 234 C-3

Many fans of german bombers have been looking forward to the Arado with offensive armament. We present to you, the Arado Ar.234C-3, which will be situated at the fifth rank!

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