Battle Pass New Season: “Steel Centurion”
Teaser for "Ixwa Strike" Major Update!
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Battle Pass New Season: “Steel Centurion”

Progress through stages, get unique Premium vehicles and other rewards: decals, titles, decorations, Roman-style avatars and custom loading screens!

Book of Records: Glorious Firsts

Today, instead of talking about specific vehicles, we’re going to talk about the most notable advances in military technology used to produce ground vehicles.

  • 19
  • 24 February 2021
Battle Pass vehicles: ITP (M-1)

Polikarpov's ITP (M-1) project will be one of the rewards for completing the tasks in the new Battle Pass season.

  • 60
  • 24 February 2021
F-5A Freedom Fighter: Bring ‘em Hell!

The first in the line of American multirole fighters, the F-5A Freedom Fighter is entering service with Chinese pilots with the launch of the upcoming “Ixwa Strike” update.

Ratel ZT3-A2 - The Sharpshooting Honey Badger

The Ratel ZT3-A2 represents the ATGM carrier modification of the Ratel family of wheeled fighting vehicles and represents the last major variant of the popular ICV series. Soon, this formidable bush predator will join the fight in War Thunder as it arrives to the top ranks of the British ground forces tree as part of the brand new upcoming South African subtree in update “Ixwa Strike!

The Shooting Range #240

You are watching The Shooting Range – a weekly show for all tankers, airmen and Captains in War Thunder.

  • 17
  • 21 February 2021
Battle Pass vehicles: T55E1 wheeled tank destroyer

In War Thunder, the experimental T55E1 wheeled tank destroyer will be a reward for completing tasks in the new season of the Battle Pass.

Thunder Show: All according to plan

It's time for your weekly episode of the Thunder Show! Enjoy our selection of epic and humorous Community videos of the week.

  • 21
  • 19 February 2021
Defender of the Fatherland

Rare Soviet vehicles will be available for purchase in the game, memorable decals and decorations for battles and victories. And for the brave, we are launching a tournament with Redragon iron prizes!

Olifant Mk1A: The Beast of Desert

We’re happy to present to our players the first South African armoured vehicles as a separate branch of the British tech tree. Meet the Olifant Mk1A, a heavily modified South African variant of the Centurion Mk3 and Mk5 main battle tank, developed in the late ‘70s as a means to modernize the fleet of Centurion tanks in South African service.

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