T-54 Mod.51

By the end of the Second World War, the Red Army was seeking to further improve their tank arsenal. Even though the T-34-85 and T-44 medium tanks armed with 85 mm guns were still adequate, the rapid pace of tank development would mean that in a few years they might become obsolete. 

25 December 2014

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Pzkpfw VI "Tiger" Ausf. H1

The Panzerkampfwagen VI "Tiger" Heavy Tank is one of the most famous tanks ever produced and, next to the M4 Sherman and the T-34, it has become unanimously associated with World War II. It's fearsome reputation amongst Allied tank crews has cemented it's place in history.

12 December 2014

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Iosif Stalin 2

The Iosif Stalin 2 or IS-2 was a Soviet heavy tank arriving in front line duty in 1944. With its powerful cannon and good armour it was a well performing breakthrough tank during the later period of the war.

3 December 2014

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The F6F 'Hellcat'

In June 1942 the Grumman 'Iron Works' released the prototype of what would later become the F6F 'Hellcat'. As a sturdy and fast weapons platform, the new American fighter was a good match to the combat-hardened Japanese A6M Zero, which dominated the skies over the Pacific Theater up until now.

17 November 2014

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The T-34 mod. 1940

The T-34 is one of the most iconic tanks of World War II. Designed by engineer that sadly never saw his work in action, the T-34 came as a shock to its opponents and left a lasting impression not only on the battlefields of the eastern front.

13 November 2014

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T-35: The Land Battleship

Update 1.43 brought many novelties to War Thunder, including the introduction of working multi-turreted vehicles. The T-35 not only extends the arsenal of different vehicle types available to the players of War Thunder, but also the possibility to re-create historic encounters. Available as a Soviet Rank I premium vehicle, the T-35 allows you to go to battle as a true land battleship!

20 October 2014

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