Capture yourself a Yak-1b (Germany) - with Warbonds!

Pilots and tankers, we now have new offers for you in the renewed “Warbonds” shop. The beginning of the new month will give you access to new premium vehicles which will be available for the completion of battle tasks.


1 June 2016

Pre-order packs for Update 1.59 “Flaming Arrows” with exclusive decals

As you know from our devblogs, in update 1.59 "Flaming Arrows" we’re adding several interesting new premium vehicles to the game. We offer you the ability to pre-order 3 new packs in our store and benefit from exclusive decals as a bonus.


26 May 2016

Has decal
New additions for the Warbond Shop

Don't miss our newest additions to the Warbond Shop - Decorations! Choose from cute teddy bears, a classic guitar or something more suitable for your Soviet machines - balalaika or accordion!


12 May 2016

Capture yourself a Churchill - with Warbonds!

The Warbond Shop in May again presents a selection of five Premium vehicles to choose from, including the legendary Churchill infantry tank captured by the Germans, as well as new 3D decorators, boosters, decals and more! Check it out!


30 April 2016

Bonus Golden Eagles when using Paysafecard!

For a limited time only, get bonus Golden Eagles when purchasing items from the Gaijin Store using Paysafecard!


19 April 2016

Decorations: Soon available with Warbonds!

Very soon, we will be introducing an alternative way of unlocking 3D Decorations. Read the details here!

11 April 2016

Get vehicles with Warbonds!

For the past 6 days, battle tasks for April have been available, and the most active players are well on their way to claim great rewards. What about you?

6 April 2016

Discount on foliage decorations ends soon!

The initial discounted price on foliage modifications will be ending soon. After the discount is over, small bushes will be available for 1000  Golden Eagles, while large bushes will be available for 2000  Golden Eagles per item. This is a limited opportunity to get them at a discounted price!

5 April 2016

How can you get premium vehicles? Warbonds!

This month, 5 Premium vehicles previously only obtainable with Golden Eagles will be available with War Bonds!

30 March 2016

Bonus Golden Eagles when using PayPal!

In celebration of the the release of Update 1.57 'Battle March', you can get bonus Golden Eagles when purchasing items from the Gaijin Store using PayPal! This special offer is available for selected Golden Eagles!

24 March 2016

Tiger II Sla.16

Update 1.57 “Battle March” introduced a new modification of the famous Tiger II. The same powerful armament but more maneuverability and armour.

22 March 2016

How can you get the F4U-1a? Warbonds!

This month one of the U.S. flying legends - a captured Japanese variant - is available not only for Golden Eagles but also for War Bonds, thus you can get one just by completing Battle tasks!

10 March 2016



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