M46 Patton

In this Vehicle Profile, we take a look at the Korean War era M46 Medium Tank, nicknamed after the famous U.S. General George S Patton: it's history and use in War Thunder.

11 June 2015

Vehicle Profile
TBF-1c / Avenger Mk 1

In today's Vehicle Profile, we take a look at the TBF-1, or "Turkey", as it was called by its pilots and crew. Find out here why this aircraft earned Grumman it's reputation as "Iron Works"!

9 June 2015

Vehicle Profile

The M15 CGMC is an effective AA platform thanks in part to its mix of twin M2 Browning .50 caliber machine guns as well as it having a 37mm AA weapon.

28 May 2015

Vehicle Profile
Heinkel He 112 B-0

The He 112 B-0 is the cannon-equipped variant of the all-metal monoplane fighter designed by Heinkel Flugzeugwerke and a direct competitor of the famous Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter. Although ultimately defeated by its competitor and only seeing limited combat use, the He 112 was a capable fighter aircraft in history and is a potent Rank I vehicle in War Thunder.

22 May 2015

Vehicle Profile
B-57B Canberra [Decal Included]

Top of the US bomber tree, the B-57B is one of the most effective ground attack aircraft in game. Able to carry a wide variety of ordnance at high speed, this often overlooked aircraft can be a dangerous threat to leave in open skies.

12 May 2015

Vehicle Profile
M26 Pershing [Decal Included]

The M26 Medium Tank, which was also designated as a Heavy Tank for a short period, was an accumulated design that started from Major General Gladeon Marcus Barnes and Colonel Joseph Colby.

6 May 2015

Vehicle Profile

Top of the Soviet aviation line, the MiG-15 is one of the most iconic jet fighter aircraft designs from after the Second World War. Earning its reputation on fame over the skies of Korea against its US contemporary, the F-86 Sabre.

28 April 2015

Vehicle Profile
Grumman F7F-1 Tigercat [Decal included]

In 1942, after an unsuccessful XF5F Skyrocket (and XP-50, its land-based modified variant) project, Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation began work on an improved aircraft using the same twin-engine concept as the Skyrocket, which they named the XP-65.

23 April 2015

Vehicle Profile
M41 Walker Bulldog [Decal Included]

The M41A1 can be a very fun and rewarding vehicle, especially for experienced players. It requires precision, situational awareness, and constant vigilance to continue to support and flank your enemy.

20 April 2015

Vehicle Profile
M4 Sherman [Decal Included]

In 1939 it was becoming apparent that most of America’s tank arsenal was quickly becoming obsolete & the advance of the Wehrmacht in Europe concerned American top brass.

8 April 2015

Vehicle Profile

Shortly after IS-2 tanks started to roll off the assembly lines in 1943, the Soviet engineers quickly began drawing up plans for a new heavy tank, destined to replace the IS-2 in service with the Red Army in the future. In late 1944, after encounters with the Tiger II tank, the need for a new heavy vehicle became even higher.

24 March 2015

Vehicle Profile
M24 Chaffee

During the early stages of the Second World War the US Army called for a new light tank which would replace the rapidly aging M5 Stuart. Specifications for the new vehicle demanded that it was to be armed with a 75mm gun.

17 March 2015

Vehicle Profile


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