Naval Snippets from History : Part 1

A few snippets of the War Thunder naval battles ships history, combat and action during World War two.


17 November 2016

The History of Naval Battles: Part 3

The emergence of Naval technology in the middle 1800’s can trace it’s roots to the War of 1812. It was during this time that War Ships began adapting armor and new cannon technology that would shape the global design of not only newer generation fleets, but how naval warfare would be conducted for the next 200 years.


7 November 2016

The History of Naval Battles Part 2: The Golden Age of Sail

In Historical terms there exists three main periods of technological and political advances - The early period, the Golden Age, and the Modern eras. In a previous article we talked about how Naval Technology shaped the world in times of antiquity. Today we shall focus on the middle period known as the Golden Age of Sail or the Age of Discovery.​


24 October 2016

The history of naval battles - Part 1

With the news of our Naval Forces being brought to War Thunder, we thought our players might like a little background info on how naval warfare began.


10 October 2016