During the interwar years, the development of self-propelled artillery was practically nonexistent in the Soviet Union. Those few projects were eventually cancelled, and the Red Army entered the WW2 entirely without a dedicated self-propelled gun.

2 September 2015

Vehicle Profile
Lavochkin La-7

A step up from its La-5 predecessor, the La-7 is one of the main Soviet fighters of Era IV and is very useful at lower altitudes. Its turning capabilities often give German and US aircraft a run for their money!

27 August 2015

Vehicle Profile
PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf. A & F

The Armoured Assassin. This tank looks unremarkable and its stats seem unimpressive, but this unassuming Czechoslovakian designed tank is deadly...

24 August 2015

Vehicle Profile
Supermarine Seafire FR 47

As the ultimate Seafire/Spitfire design, the Supermarine Seafire FR 47 is a culmination of years of development, and as an excellent example of British propeller-aircraft engineering.

19 August 2015

Vehicle Profile

With high mobility, strong frontal armour, but rather weak armament, the T-50 can be challenging experience, but in a hands of determined player skilled in improvisation, it can do wonders.

6 August 2015

Vehicle Profile
Canadair CL-13 Mk 5 Sabre

The Canadair CL-13 Mk 5 is one of the two German top tier jet-fighter aircraft alongside the MiG-15Bis. Whilst the MiG is a popular choice among many players, the CL-13 is an extremely high performance aircraft boasting one of the fastest top speeds in game.

5 August 2015

Vehicle Profile
T-34 57

As a member of the T-34 line of Soviet tanks during the Second World War, the T-34-57 is a much loved vehicle for the mid-ranked matches in War Thunder.

29 July 2015

Vehicle Profile
Supermarine Attacker

Today featured in our 'Vehicle Profile' series is the British Supermarine Attacker, the first operational carrier-based jet aircraft of the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm.

28 July 2015

Vehicle Profile
Douglas A-26C

Douglas Entered into service toward the end of WW2, this attack bomber found itself in front line service well into the jet age due to its load capacity, versatility, and, thanks to its clean, sleek lines, speed.

23 July 2015

Vehicle Profile
Heavy Tank M6A1

In this 'Vehicle Profile', we investigate the first American heavy tank, the M6A1. A challenge to most, this tank is subject of many discussions within our Community. 

6 July 2015

Vehicle Profile
PzKpfw KV-1B 756(r)

Only one PzKpfw KV-1B 756(r) was produced. It was attached to 204th Panzer Regiment, a part of 22nd Panzer Division, and was used operationally in 1943 during Battle of Kursk.

24 June 2015

Vehicle Profile
Hawker Sea Fury

Thanks to its historical reputation and impressive design, the Sea Fury is a favourite among the virtual pilots of War Thunder.

22 June 2015

Vehicle Profile


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