The Japanese “Cobra” available for purchase!
The Japanese AH-1S attack helicopter is now available for purchase in a pack and included in a special discounted bundle.

29 May 2019

Has decal
OF-40 Mk.2 MTCA pre-order
Finally, a rank 6 premium Italian tank comes in the 1.89 Update!

18 May 2019

Bonus Golden Eagles when using Paysafecard!
Bonus Golden Eagles when using Paysafecard!

21 March 2019

Update 1.87 pre-orders!
We are happy to announce that new pre-order packs with 1.87 update premium vehicles are available in the Gaijin store! Hurry up to get unique pre-order bonuses, as well as save some money in case you already own any pack included in new bundles!

2 March 2019

Type 74 mod G/Kai and Pre-Order of the Japanese Packs
The Type 74 mod G/Kai is the last and highly modernised 1990s version of the familiar Japanese MBT. In update 1.87, tankers may look forward to having the chance to command one of the most highly anticipated Japanese ground vehicles, coming soon to War Thunder!

28 February 2019

Development Shop
War Thunder winter sale!
Buy unique bundles with 50% discount!

27 December 2018

Special Shop
Jet Packs!
In update 1.85 we’re introducing a few rank V premium fighters that will not only help you research the latest supersonic jets more quickly, but also significantly increase the rate at which you research any aircraft in their nations.

6 December 2018

Development Shop
New Razer decal gifts
You will receive an additional Razer Hex decal for any War Thunder purchase via Razer Gold in Gaijin Store!

5 December 2018

German Unity Day Bundles
We have prepared special bundles with 50% discounts dedicated to the German Unity Day!

3 October 2018

Pre-order bundles and packs for major update 1.81
We are pleased to inform you that after the release of major update 1.81, the closed beta test of helicopters will begin!

22 August 2018

Has decal
Bonus Golden Eagles when using Razer zGold!
Get bonus Golden Eagles when paying with Razer zGold!

13 July 2018

Summer Sale - Independence Day
To celebrate the upcoming USA Independence day and simply to please our players we are launching special bundles dedicated to the American Revolution!

28 June 2018



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