USS Tucumcari (PGH-2) - The Grand Tourer
The USS Tucumcari is an American prototype hydrofoil gunboat developed in the late 1960s as a testbed for evaluation of new hydrofoil technologies.

6 July 2018

Fleet Development
Project 206: The Red German
The Project 206 is a fast and deadly Soviet torpedo boat design of rank II of the German naval tree, equipped with rapid-firing autocannons and four torpedo launchers

3 July 2018

Fleet Development
Kanonenboot K-2: The Dutch Conscript
The Kanonenboot K-2 is a gunboat initially laid down by the Dutch in the late 1930’s for their navy, but was later captured, finished and used by the German Kriegsmarine during WW2 and it was the Germans who named it “Type K”. The K-2 will be one of the higher ranking German vessels awaiting War Thunder captains in the closed beta testing of naval forces.

29 June 2018

Fleet Development
USS Barker: A Sailor’s Guardian Angel
The USS Barker is one of the American Clemson-class destroyers that will be available to all participants of the naval closed beta testing. Her small size, high speed and deadly armaments allow her to effectively hunt both smaller vessels as well as support larger ships in battle.

26 June 2018

Fleet Development
Trophies and Rewards in Naval Battles
Unlike air and ground battles, destroying a naval unit requires more effort and time. This feature of naval battles caused us to rework the existing trophy system. The more damage you do to your enemy, the better the reward will be.

19 June 2018

Fleet Development
Siebelfähre SF 40 Schwere
Conceived as a makeshift landing craft intended to be used for the planned naval invasion of Britain, the Siebelfähre was a modular German transport barge, often equipped with heavy weaponry, tasked with assisting landing troops. Aspiring captains will have the opportunity to command the intimidating Siebelfähre in the upcoming closed beta testing of War Thunder’s naval forces!

18 June 2018

Fleet Development
LCS (L)(3): Mighty Midget
An American artillery vessel available in the navy closed beta test. Armed with a 76 mm cannon and an excellent set of auto cannons, her dense fire literally chews up small ships and aircraft!

15 June 2018

Fleet Development
USS Trenton: The Royal Rescuer
USS Trenton is one of the ten American Omaha-class light cruisers constructed during the interwar period and will be among the first light cruisers to set sail under the banner of the U.S. Navy in the upcoming closed testing for War Thunder’s naval battles.

14 June 2018

Fleet Development
Emden Light Cruiser: For a New War
The Emden light cruiser was the first large military ship built in Germany after World War I. Currently, she is the most powerful German vessel in the War Thunder closed beta fleet test.

11 June 2018

Fleet Development
Z20 Karl Galster
Some time ago, we presented the Type 1936 class destroyer of the German Kriegsmarine and subsequently added it to the closed testing of War Thunder’s naval forces. Today, we would like to present to you the Z20 Karl Galster, the only survivor of her class that went on to serve even after the war had ended.

2 June 2018

Fleet Development
USS Cowell (DD-547): Vulture Hunter
The USS Cowell (DD-547) is a Fletcher-class destroyer that served initially under the banner of the U.S. Navy throughout the second half of WW2 and into the 1950s.

1 June 2018

Fleet Development
The first Light Cruisers in War Thunder
The first two models of light cruisers presented in War Thunder are the British HMS Enterprise, an Emerald-class light cruiser, and the Italian Giussano-class light cruiser Bartolomeo Colleoni.

27 April 2018

Fleet Development


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