Flower-class Corvette: The Convoy Guardian
The Flower-class is a British WW2-era corvette, designed specifically to escort Atlantic convoys and protect them from German U-boats. HMCS Brantford will soon be available in the game as part of the CBT of the Royal naval forces!

17 October 2018

Fleet Development
SA.313B: The First Skylark
The French SA.313B light helicopter acquired guided missiles and unguided rockets while in use by the German army. Meet the first helicopter in the German tech tree!

16 October 2018

BO 105 Attack Helicopters
BO 105 attack helicopters serve as the foundation of Germany’s rotorcraft on the battlefields of War Thunder. Several different versions of this reliable and efficient ground vehicle killer will be available. Let’s take a look.

15 October 2018

Naval mines in War Thunder
We are excited to introduce a new armament type for Naval battles in War Thunder - naval mines and in this devblog we will describe using them in game.

12 October 2018

Fleet Development
HMCS Haida - Commonwealth Veteran
HMCS Haida is a Tribal-class destroyer of the Royal Canadian Navy, which served not only through WW2, but also took part in actions in the Korean War.

12 October 2018

Fleet Development
SGB 304 Grey Fox: Old Technology, New Era
The Steam Gunboat (SGB) is a steam-powered British WW2 gunboat, developed to combat the German S-Boat threat. War Thunder captains will have the chance to command this highly interesting vessel during the CBT of the Royal Naval forces!

11 October 2018

Fleet Development
HMAS Nepal (G25): Air Raid Survivor
HMAS Nepal is a British N-class destroyer which served with the Royal Australian Navy in WW2 and operated primarily in the Indian Ocean and Pacific. HMAS Nepal will be available to all Testers in the CBT of the Royal Naval forces in War Thunder.

10 October 2018

Fleet Development
To Minnesota for the “Abrams”
This is a long but interesting road story about our visit to the Minnesota Military Museum, where we had an opportunity to check data on some of the higher ranked US tanks, it also allowed us to create the new M1 IP Abrams tank for update 1.81 “The Valkyries”.

20 September 2018

Me 163B-0, Model Update
With the release of War Thunder’s next major update, we’re happy to introduce a new version of the Me 163B along with an improved model for the existing modification!

17 September 2018

New pilots
We’re pleased to present re-worked aircraft pilots for Germany and the USSR, as well as brand new American and Soviet helicopters pilots.

14 September 2018

I-225: High Flyer!
The I-225 is a new experimental fighter in the Soviet tech tree, particularly effective at high-altitude battles!

13 September 2018

T54E1: The Gunslinger
The T54E1 is a prototype design of an improved version of the M48 Patton, incorporating an oscillating turret and improved firepower. This highly requested piece of American experimental tech will be joining the ranks of the U.S. ground forces tree with the release of the upcoming update 1.81 “The Valkyries”!

12 September 2018



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