The Mighty USA
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In his far seeing novel 2001: A Space Odyssey, written in conjunction with the script for the epic movie of the same name, Arthur C. Clarke showed us a pitiful band of pre-human primates in Africa, always on the brink of starvation, always prey for predators. Deaths were frequent. Yet these creatures were surrounded by hundreds of tons of food in the form of grazing animals. They just couldn’t see it.

The great leap— facilitated, in Clarke’s sci-fi story, by super-advanced extraterrestrials—occurred when a member of the band described as “Moonwatcher” had a vision of his fellows well-fed, fat, and satisfied. Now he was dissatisfied because he understood that hunger and soon and certain death need not be his lot. His vision led to an idea. He picked up a hard object and brought it down on the head of a dim witted warthog; its meat became the first of many hardy meals to fill his belly and those of his band. And he had a weapon to stave off predators. Moonwatcher was a pioneer, and a few million years later humans were off to the Moon!
This is the essence of the American Spirit, the willingness to push that bit further. This still applies today and was most visible in World War II, the "Gung-Ho" attitude, though not culturally acceptable to all, has made the American nation one of the greatest in History. We salute our friends across the seas of the Pacific and the Atlantic.
US equipment often uses non-standard solutions in the field of armaments, emphasis on technological innovation and a great love for the personalization of military equipment, the unusual arrangement of airframe, powerful engines and the predominance of machine-gun armament - all this characterizes the United States Air Force, presented in a variety of aircraft in War Thunder . The famous "invincible" flying fortress, the mighty Mustangs and jet aircraft, capable of competing on equal terms with any representatives of the jet era.
The War Thunder Team
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