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30 June 2017

Naval pre-beta testing schedule

We are pleased to invite pre-beta testers to another test session of the War Thunder Naval battles. Recently we told you about the new stage of fleet testing as the destroyers joined naval battles. There are also many other important features that are also being tested.


Friday 30th Saturday 1st Sunday 2nd Monday 3rd
18:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT 01:00 GMT to 05:00 GMT 01:00 GMT to 05:00 GMT 01:00 GMT to 05:00 GMT
  17:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT 17:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT 17:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT

The test will be conducted as anticipated on the live server, no need to access via dev server. This time PS4 players will also be able to test the destroyers, there are no changes in game mechanics compared to the previous test. In the future test we plan to improve shooting and aiming.

The test will take place on two locations - Ice Fields (same location and mission as during the previous test with destroyers)  and the new location of Black Sea port.

Available only for the following vessels:

USSR USA Germany United Kingdom Japan
  • Project 7U Destroyer
  • Pr.183
  • Il-4
  • Yak-9T
  • Fletcher-class destroyer
  • Nasty PTF
  • Elco PT-565
  • F4U-1C
  • SB2C-4
  • Typ 140 Jaguar​
  • Tribal-class destroyer
  • Dark MTB
  • Beaufort Mk.VIII
  • Typhoon Mk.Ib/L
  • PT-15

Features of this test

What’s new?

  • Aiming system for ship’s guns is reworked (no more glitching with ballistic markers)    
  • While aiming you are now able to hold distance to your target and make additional elevation and lateral corrections;
  • Significantly reduced shells spread over distance
  • New feature of automatic target follow whilst aiming
  • New mechanics for sinking destroyers. Instead of disabling any three compartments as before, to demolish a destroyer it is required to damage one of the following:
  • reduced crew member numbers below 100
  • hull penetration below the water line
  • ignite ammunition magazines
  • a direct hit of a powerful bomb or torpedo to the hull

The test will take place on two locations - Ice Fields and recently introduced Black Sea port to test new game mechanics. Also, this time we play on our regular production servers. Welcome, commanders!

Changes on the “Ice Fields” location:

  • Cargo ships have been moved closer to the centre of the map and will move slowly, not anchored as before.
  • Convoy ship accuracy has been adjusted (Now closing in for a torpedo launch will not become a “one-way ticket”)
  • More cover available for the mosquito fleet
  • Destruction of a cargo ship will subtract 1000 from the owning team, with a total of 8000 (8 ships per side) from the start.
  • Convoy ship survivability has been increased
  • Line-ups have been changed. Each player will have 3000 Spawn points at the start of the mission. Patrol/MGB/MTB’s will be available for free, a destroyer will cost 1300 SP, fighters with high-calibre armament - 1500 SP, bombers - 3200 SP.

Shells with radio activated proximity fuses are not implemented in the current version of the "Fletcher" class destroyer.

How do i join?

It’s very simple. Become the owner of one of the pre-order packs in the Gaijin store. Your purchase will automatically make you a member of the beta test.

In addition, the set contains some fantastic game bonuses, including a unique premium craft which will be available in beta test. Please note! Game sessions for the first testing stage will be available in special Events (Events and Specials - Naval Battles) at specific times, several times a week.

Naval Pack Project 1124 MRLS Naval Pack John F. Kennedy’s PT-109 Naval Pack S-204







This pack includes​:

  • Project 1124 MRLS armored river boat (USSR);
  • 1000 Golden Eagles;
  • Naval battles closed beta access.

This pack includes​:

  • PT-109 torpedo boat (USA);
  • 1000 Golden Eagles;
  • Naval battles closed beta access.

This pack includes​:

  • The S-204 "Lang" Torpedo boat (Germany);
  • 1000 Golden Eagles;
  • Naval battles closed beta access.

How do I participate?

Do you own an early access package? Congratulations, for you it’s easy!

Launch the game as normal and you will be presented with the option to download the main testing files on joining one of the test events, there is no requirement for a different launcher. After this, visit the game’s official forum, log in with your account and check out the special forum section!


We’ve also opened an application for players who want to participate but haven't purchased the packs for the closed beta test, which starts later. You can send in an application and we’ll review you as a candidate for the role of captain on a military vessel.

Attention! You can participate in the testing from no more than two PC’s.

In the special forum section, you can find out about the testing schedule and news.
You can also discuss future naval vessels with the developers. We hope to see you there!

The War Thunder Team

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