18 April 2017

Best Tournament players April 15th and 16th

Dear friends!

We are happy to share the stories of the last weekend tournament winners:

Ground Forces Tournaments

The captain of the famous team Dislike, Strelovidniy, won the Tank blitz-tournament 1x1 in Arcade Battles mode. The Serbian tanker AlphaSRB took 2nd place and Rogatywka_39 the 3rd place.

The American Tank tournament 1x1 in Realistic Battles mode proved to be very exciting this weekend! Three players were fighting for the “crown” - Bodedi, Strelovidniy and princeof_voguing. Bodedi lost to princeof_voguing in the 6th round, but managed to get to the final and win against Strelovidniy by points in the last seconds of the final match! End result: Bodedi 1st, Strelovidniy 2nd and princeof_voguing 3rd place.

Two teams were fighting hard for the win in the Tank blitz-tournament 2x2 in Realistic Battles mode - the golden medal went to team 26 (Bezimienny_zatuk and Ukiii), the silver to team BroAntoniy (StrangerZ and vendetta_oops). The experienced team DISLIKE (Denixo and Strelovidniy) took the bronze medal.

Team Panzer_AS (_Dimon_71rus_ and Lich_Tiger_pro) confirms their skill in the Tank blitz-tournament 2x2 in Simulator Battles mode! In 2nd place is team KOTbl (_G_A_M_B_1_T_ and TOXA253) and team Kurmark (Weiss_Schnee_ and Sandlok_vonTiger) takes the 3rd step on the podium.

Аircraft Tournaments

The experienced pilot, FoX_ViTek13_UA won the Air blitz-tournament 1x1 in Arcade Battles mode.  He had tough competition from Sta1ker97 who finished 2nd. Bronze medal was secured by schtreusel.

In the Air blitz-tournament 1x1 in Realistic Battles mode, two pilots were fighting till the very end - PuchusKublatek won the final match, while WindXABK finished 2nd. One of the TSS tournament aces, _SkyForcer_, took the 3rd place.

The multiple champion, AaronFreeman, won the Air blitz-tournament 1x1 in Simulator Battles mode in the duels with his main rival, also TSS champion - JG154_Fritz. Another hero of the tournaments, razdva12, finished in the 3rd place.

See you in the new tournaments every week on the TSS portal!

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