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A unique camouflage for Type 65 AA and Ki-94-II operation S.U.M.M.E.R.
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A unique camouflage for Sd.Kfz.234/4 and P-43А-1 operation S.U.M.M.E.R.
A unique camouflage for Type 65 AA and Ki-94-II operation S.U.M.M.E.R.
8 March 2017

“Colosseum” Series of Tournaments

We present to you the new series of the regular team tournaments of 2017 - the “Colosseum”!

This series will run once a month in all game modes (Arcade, Realistic and Simulator Battles), with tournament format switching each month :

  • Steel Legion 4х4 - Tank Tournament
  • Steel Legion 2х2 - Tank Tournament
  • Gladiators 4х4 - Air Tournament
  • Gladiators 2х2 - Air Tournament
  • Fire Front 4х4 - Tactical combined battles with vehicle limit for the team.

This March, you can take part in the following tournaments:

Steel Legion 4x4 in the Arcade Battles mode:

Team tactics and swift reaction are ways to win in the dynamic tank battles. Different tanks from rank 3 and 4 will be available to you.

Participate Prize fund: 65000 Golden Eagles

Gladiators 4x4 in the Realistic Battles mode:

Play in one of the most interesting air battle modes. In three rounds, during one mission, you will fight in 1v1 duel, as a pair with your wingman in 2v2 and as a full squad of four pilots in the 4v4.

Participate Prize fund: 65000 Golden Eagles

Gladiators 2x2 in the Simulator Battles mode:

The air battle in the 2v2 format has always been graceful - it is hard to have ideal coordination and intuitive understanding with your wingman. When two pilots become one battle unit, they are a force to be reckon with.

Participate Prize fund: 39000 Golden Eagles

Based on the results during this year, the best players of the teams in each tournament format will enter the Hall of Glory in the Colosseum and receive additional bonuses:

Colosseum - Hall of Glory:

  • Players from the teams who finished in 1st, 2nd, 3ed and 4th in the “Colosseum” tournament series during the year will receive special prizes and enter the Hall of Glory. For each prize place, team members will receive a specific amount of points.
  • Players who receive the most points by the end of the year will receive 5,000 Golden Eagles and a unique title “Hero of the Colosseum”.


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