Battle of Stalingrad
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Participate in the Battle of Stalingrad GF & Aircraft events

from 23rd February (13:00 GMT) to 27th February (07:00 GMT)

Dear players, we have prepared number of special events which you can participate in for the rest of the week. Make use of the Silver Lions and Research point bonuses, perform tasks and earn 3D shield decoration for your tank and shield decal for tank and aircraft. What you are waiting for? Just jump into the game and let your enemies know about your presence.

Perform tasks and earn:

Shield 3D decoration Shield decal
Earn 15 victories whilst driving any ground vehicles of
ranks 3-5 (with a battle activity of 70% or more)
Earn 10 victories whilst flying any aircraft of
ranks 3-5 (with a battle activity of 60% or more)

Take part in the Battle of Stalingrad events with a 23% bonus to Silver Lions and Research Points:

Aircraft events: Ground forces events:
  • [Operation] Uranus — AB
  • [Operation] Uranus — RB
  • [Operation] Uranus — SB
  • Stalingrad — AB
  • Stalingrad — RB (combined)
  • Stalingrad — SB (combined)

Do not waste opportunity to strengthen your War Thunder arsenal with  premium vehicles,
which you can get for a discounted price.

The War Thunder Team

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